Nothing Can Stop What’s Coming… Trump’s Recent Tweets, Personnel Moves Suggests He is Moving to a Wartime Footing [Opinion]

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OPINION| Lawrence David| Those who follow Qanon have been telling us to trust the plan. That was hard to countenance while Trump was imitating Muhammad Ali laying against the ropes and getting pummeled and those around him had the long knives out for the president.


Somehow, Trump survived and there’s no doubt just looking at him that his confidence is high and there’s wind in his sails. And, recent events hint that he’s gearing up to bring the fight to his Deep State enemies.

Maybe there was a plan all along … maybe not.

We can see now that he had to endure three years of unfounded attacks just to prove the media was filled with Lying Jackals.


Trust in the media has reached an all-time low clearing the way for Trump to act decisively inoculated from their coming attacks that he is a dictator weaponizing the intelligence and law enforcement agencies against his political enemies.

The vast majority of Americans can now see that charge would better apply to his predecessor, Barack Hussein Obama.

With Trump positioned politically to go on the offensive what actions has he taken that suggest the sh*t is about to hit the fan? Let’s start with his recent personnel moves…


Trump has made significant personnel moves at the Office of Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) that was once headed by Obama lackey, and Deep State coordinator, James Clapper.

The DNI coordinates the intelligence from the seventeen agencies charged with gathering intelligence at home and abroad. Trump loyalist Ric Grenell is now the acting director.

Grenell brought in Kash Patel to be his senior advisor. Patel had been Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee (HPSCI), Devin Nunes’ lead investigator who exposed the seditious coup attempt against the president.


John McEntee, a longtime Trump ally has been brought in to run the White House’s Presidential Personnel Office, and immediately let it be known he intends to purge those employees who conspired against President Trump and to replace them with loyalists.

President Trump renominated HPSCI member John Ratcliffe to the position of DNI. Ratcliffe is one of two House Republicans who has reviewed every document – unredacted – that, we’re told, proves the conspiracy against the president.

Rep. Ratcliffe likely faces tough sledding in the confirmation process but this shows the president is now prepared to fight for his appointments and that he feels he has the political capital to “convince” recalcitrant Republicans to vote for him.


His next personnel move came this past Saturday:

Meadows is informed about the Obama administration’s conspiracy to destroy candidate and, later, President Trump.

Rep. Meadows knows the players, the crimes they committed, he’s organized, presents himself with the aplomb you would expect of a polished politician, and he has proven he can keep secrets until the optimal time comes for their release.

All are important traits if what we think is coming, is coming.


Trump’s recent tweets leave “crumbs” to consider:

Trouble ahead…

We have a long way to go…

And then, this…

Nothing can stop what’s coming… Q has been saying this for years…


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