NM Catholic Diocese Ignores Stay At Home Orders And Opens Doors To Let Some Attend Mass Amid Coronavirus

By Chris “Badger” Thomas at Breaking First

A Roman Catholic diocese in New Mexico announced Wednesday it will reopen churches and allow a small number of people to attend public celebrations of Mass in what could be the first move to alter a diocese-declared ban on public services in the U.S.


Priests were encouraged to hold public Mass at Las Cruces Diocese parishes while having parishioners abide by social distancing restrictions ordered by Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, diocese spokesman Christopher Velasquez said.


That means churches can only hold Mass with five or less people in attendance and they must stay 6 feet apart, Velasquez said. Fox News


In a controversial move the Catholic church believes their religion is above the safety and welfare of the public all in the name of religion.


Their claims are that they are doing so to help people during the pandemic and that people need their doors open.


Fox went further into detail with:



“We are hearing reports about divorces, drug abuse and now people losing their jobs,” Velasquez said. “The church is here to offer hope.”


The Catholic News Agency reports  Baldacchino is the first in the nation to modify a declared diocesan ban on public Masses.  The bishop also made provision for priests to resume weddings and funerals as along as state regulations on social distancing are followed.



Freedom of religion has been a focal point in many states during this pandemic and shows that people are so willing to break rules, orders as well as safety to others all in the name of their own desires and beliefs.


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