NFL Spits In The Face Of The Military Once Again After Making Disgusting Announcement

By: Kevin Roberts at Breaking First


The NFL is preparing to end the use of military honor guards to present the American flag ahead of the national anthem, according to reports.


A league source claims that the policy benching military, federal, and police guards is part of its COVID-19 response, according to Front Office Sports.


“They won’t be on the field,” a source told the site. “That could change as the season progresses. But that’s the plan at the beginning,” Breitbart reports.


The NFL has made it very clear that they do not support the National Anthem, United States Military, and Police Officers in the United States.


This year they have canceled the singing of our National anthem, have allowed players to kneel in protest and now removing the Military Honor Guard from pre-games honoring our Nation’s flag.


They claim it is due to the pandemic but their actions say everything they are too scared to admit, it has nothing to do with the pandemic and everything to do with the Black lives Matter movement.


As the NFL hides behind a pandemic to push their agenda, it is surprising to see people still not willing to boycott the NFL over these horrific choices.


When discussing Black Lives Matter and what is currently going on in our nation, Goodell responded with:


“What they were trying to do is exercise their right to bring attention to something that needs to get fixed. That misrepresentation of who they were and what they were doing was the thing that really gnawed at me.”


These American sports organizations have forgotten who their |fans| are and have caved to the demands of the few, in our nation there is no white currency or black currency, there is simply U.S. currency and the fans have made them into spoiled brat millionaires.


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