New York State Troopers Threaten To Pull Officers Out Of New York City After de Blasio Throws Them Under The Bus

Opinion| ICYMI| Let’s face it, New York City is devolving into the ****hole that it was back in the 60’s and 70’s. The reason why? Leadership, or lack there of.

While violent crime is surging, the Democrats in charge are vowing to CUT $1,000,0000,000 USD in funding from the NYPD and disbanding ‘anti-crime’ units.

As crime surges, the Mayor, Bill de Blasio, is working hard to take the backs of the cops … just kidding!

BS Bill is spending his time painting the street in front of a building owned by the President of the United States, with the name of, what evidence suggests, and I believe to be, a radical group run by Marxists who seek revolution, Black Lives Matter. Yes, seriously:


Bill de Blasio Mayor of New York City is Brainwashing people By Painting Black Lives Matter, What Obama and Biden did For Black people, this can get worse if the country loses the Law & order will be a Disaster, Venezuela people Know all about that

— MGC6364 (@MGC6364) July 10, 2020


You would have to be suicidal to be a law enforcement officer and support the Democratic Party at this point in American history. The Democrats have decided to put their weight behind the Black Lives Matter movement, which, in my view, is just a cut out for radial marxist revolutionaries. There is a difference between people who believe ‘black lives matter’ (of course they do, every life matters) and the Black Lives Matter movement, which is run, at least in some areas, by ‘trained Marxists.’

Because of the complete disrespect for, and marginalization of the police and LE in general, New York State Troopers PBA President, Thomas Mungeer has called out de Blasio.


Fox News reported:

‘The president of a union representing New York State troopers said Friday that New York City’s restrictions on police officers are setting the men and women on the force up for failure.

“By raising the bar and almost making it impossible for my members to safely arrest, we’ve had enough. I want them out,” New York State Troopers PBA President Thomas Mungeer told “Fox & Friends.”

“What has me alarmed is that troopers that are trained in certain tactics to arrest violent people can now be arrested for using those tactics within the five counties of New York City. Those tactics are still legal in the other 57 counties that make up New York state,” Mungeer said.’ explained:

‘On Wednesday afternoon, de Blasio signed Administrative Code section 10-18 into law, which makes it a misdemeanor for an arresting officer to restrain someone “in a manner that restricts the flow of air or blood by compressing the windpipe or the carotid arteries on each side of the neck, or sitting, kneeling, or standing on the chest or back in a manner that compresses the diaphragm, in the course of effecting or attempting to effect an arrest.” This new law makes it “extremely tough to arrest a violent person,” Mungeer said.

Mungeer added, “[I]n the end, my troops could be held criminally liable or similarly liable for the way they’re trained or acting the way they’re trained. It’s unbelievable that one of my troopers can pursue someone down the New York state freeway, then that car can stop on the New York City border: one set of arrest tactics can be used at the bumper of the car and that person is out and acting violently and another set of the rules have to be used at the front bumper of that car depending on where they are at the city border. You just can’t have two sets of rules in a state.”


De Blasio and the Left have unquestionably destroyed New York City. The only question is whether they don’t know or don’t care.’

It looks like New York is going to get what it voted for, complete and utter lawlessness. I just pray that no lives are lost because of de Blasio’s absurdly irresponsible actions, tho I fear many will be.

If the Dems really wanted to fix the problem they would focus on ‘demilitarizing’ the police, something most Americans that I talk to agree on. We want our LE officers to be safe and protected, but I think most people agree we do not want military styled units patrolling the streets.

But it’s becoming clear that military styled units may be the only choice to save New York provided that these BLM and ANTIFA riots and mob violence continue. If the unrest does not stop, those who think we live in a police state now will be in for a real wake up call when the real police state is installed.


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