Nancy Pelosi’s Sanity & Integrity Questioned After She Continues To Push Hoax: “I Wonder What Putin Has Politically, Financially Or Personally”

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OPINION & Speculation| Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi can’t seem to stop herself from pushing the ridiculous Russia hoax.

The House Minority Leader told a reporter from Fox News’ Tucker Carlson that she “still wants to know what leverage the Russians have over President Trump, apart from the testimony a day earlier by former Special Counsel Robert Mueller,” according to Fox News.

“I wonder what Putin has politically, financially, or personally” on President Trump, the Democrat allegedly told a producer for the show.


Fox News reports:

Carlson said that she is once again intimating that the president is a traitor committing treason, but she doesn’t mean it. He said her comments are annoying and ominous. “Everything is political. … It’s just about power,” he said.

Pelosi has long resisted calls to begin the impeachment process from more than 90 members of her caucus, prioritizing the re-election bids of a large group of freshmen Democrats who won election in 2018 in districts that Trump carried two years earlier. Lawmakers from those competitive districts consistently say their constituents ask about local issues, health care, the cost of prescription drugs and infrastructure improvements far more often than they mention Trump, the Mueller report and impeachment.

“Tucker Carlson Tonight” provided a partial transcript of the interview.


Pfeiffer stated, “Speaker Pelosi, Alex Pfeiffer from Tucker Carlson Tonight. In January you wondered what Putin had on Trump. After yesterday are you getting closer to finding that out?”
The House Speaker answered, “We have it in the courts right now…”

Pfeiffer then questioned, “Are you any closer to figuring out what Putin has on Trump?”


Pelosi answered, “That’s why we — they need to answer our subpoena.”

“Do you still think Putin might have some blackmail on the president?” Pfeiffer questioned.

Pelosi answered, “I wonder what Putin has politically, financially or personally.”

“So our president could be subject to blackmail you think?” Pfeiffer questioned.

Take a look at the following clip from Tucker Carlson Tonight:


At this point, Pelosi has had enough absurd gaffs that I, personally ( I am not a medical doctor,) think that she may not be all there mentally.  I would like to see the results of a mental examination of the Speaker.  This is just my opinion, what do you think?


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