Opinion| With Campaign Rallies And Events Being Canceled, Mr. Gaffetastic Joe Biden Is Benefiting MOST From Not Speaking

Guess who’s benefitting the MOST from the coronavirus outbreak? Mr. Gaffetastic, Joe Biden

The Democrats won’t be able to shelter him for much longer

By: Tank Murdoch

(TNS) The still-emerging coronavirus pandemic is harming the global economy, sickening and killing hundreds of thousands, and shutting down entire countries.


The effects of the outbreak in the United States have been no less upsetting to Americans’ daily lives.

Schools are being closed, businesses are being shuttered, entire industries (airlines, hospitality) are on the brink of financial ruin, and Americans are growing increasingly angry at the culprit: Communist China.

But life will eventually get back to normal. COVID-19 is virulent, to be sure, but we don’t see it as a Spanish flu-like planet killer. President Donald Trump and his administration are handling the situation well and most citizens know it, as evidenced by their high and rising approval rating. With warmer weather approaching, many believe what modern science can’t kill, the sun’s UV light rays will.


And our country will spring back to life.

Sports leagues will resume their seasons. Bars and restaurants will reopen, as will educational institutions. Workplaces will again fill with workers. Americans will filter back out onto the streets and into their cities. The stock market will rebound. And like the president said, our economy will come roaring back.

But so, too, will the 2020 campaign cycle.


In the midst of coronavirus-related cancelations, campaign rallies have also ceased, and frankly, that only helps the likely Democratic candidate, former Vice President “Dog-faced Pony Soldier” Joe Biden.

Before coronavirus, Biden was good for a gaffe a day, sometimes two, while on the campaign trail. The daily political news cycle was dominated by headlines like:


“Lara Trump says it’s ‘fair game’ to question Joe Biden’s cognitive abilities after so many gaffes”

“Top 10 Joe Biden Gaffes”

“Joe Biden’s Biggest Gaffes in His 2020 Campaign”

“Joe Biden isn’t just a gaffe machine. He’s the Lamborghini of Gaffes”

“Joe Biden says he’s ‘candidate for US Senate’ in latest gaffe”

“Joe Biden Mistakes His Wife for His Sister”

“Joe Biden Threatens Detroit Autoworker, Calls Him “Full of S**t”

And so on.


But of late, coronavirus has dominated the headlines and Mr. Gaffetastic has been able to avoid the daily gaffe headlines because he hasn’t been campaigning and holding rallies.

This respite won’t last forever. Soon, Biden’s campaign will have to put him back out there in front of crowds and in front of Americans, where thus far he’s alternated between abysmal, angry, threatening, and confused.

President Trump, by comparison of course, shows no signs of mental or physical fatigue. In fact, his campaign rallies seem to invigorate him. He draws energy from them. Crowds warm to him and he warms to them. His rallies are more like “shows.” There is electricity in the air. And the president feeds off of that.


Democrats know what disaster awaits them. That’s very likely one reason why former staffers for Hillary Clinton and President Obama are teeing up $5 million worth of ads attacking President Trump’s coronavirus response (though we suspect those are going to backfire big time).

Regardless of what the ads will accuse the president of, nothing Democrats do will be able to hide the unmitigated disaster that awaits them: The resumption of the Biden campaign.


This article originally appeared at The National Sentinel and was republished with permission.

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