MORE WINNING: Massive Trump Boat Rally Breaks Guinness World Book Record

By: Patty McMurray at 100 Percent FED Up

When a group of Trump supporters organized a boat rally on Lake Murray in South Carolina over the July 4th weekend, they expected the event to be popular.


Over 2,700 people responded to the event that was advertised on Facebook, saying they planned to attend. Another 5,000 people were unsure if they would attend, but said they might take part in the parade to show their support for President Trump.


South Carolina resident Jason Cline organized the Facebook event as a way for residents in the state to show their support for President Trump.


Video courtesy of News 19 WLTX


South Carolina’s The State reports – Organizer Jason Cline, a Chapin native, put out the call for supporters of the president to turn out for the parade. But even he was surprised by the number of people who turned out for the event Sunday.


“We had boats there from 11 states and every county in South Carolina,” Cline said. “Our photographer said he found a boat all the way from Arizona.”


Cline called it a new world record, with 3,417 boats in the parade, and maybe close to 4,000 individual people onboard.


The boats, decked out with American and Trump campaign flags, took off from Dreher Island Bridge and continued past the Lake Murray Dam to Susie Ebert Island.


Inspiration for the event came from some fellow boaters who take part in another Trump-themed boating parade in Charleston Harbor over the Memorial Day weekend.


Eric Trump tweeted about the Trump Boat Parade that broke the Guinness World Record with over 3,000 vessels.



South Carolina isn’t the only state to show their love for President Trump with a massive boat parade.

We reported about another massive Trump Boat Parade in Michigan on June 14, where Trump supporters showed up in massive numbers to throw a huge 74th birthday bash for President Trump on the water. According to the organizers, boats were lined for over 2 miles!


Has anyone counted the number of boats taking part in parades for Biden?

Across America, tens of thousands of grassroots Trump supporters joined boat owners on lakes, rivers, the intercoastal waterway, and even the ocean, to show their support for President Trump and to let him know they’ll be voting for him in 2020.

President Trump showed his appreciation for the boat parades across the country with a tweet thanking them, saying “Love our Boaters, love our Country! #MAGA


According to Michigan Conservative Coalition and Michigan Trump Republicans spokesperson, Matt Seely, the boat parade his group has planned in Michigan had well over 2,000 participants.


Boats decked out in Trump flags and banners lined up last night at a local marina, as they prepared for the boat parade that started early this afternoon.



DFP – “Truthfully, with everything we’ve been through (with) the COVID-19 crisis, I think that people are really just excited that Michigan is opening back up on Monday, and that it’s summer in Michigan,” Seely said. “The Great Lakes are beautiful and everyone wants to get on their boat.”


They expect that about three seaplanes, one helicopter, and several drones are to join the parade, Seely said. A car parade will also be taking place at the same time.


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