MLB Player Kneels To Fight “Racial Injustice” After Signing Richest Contract In Franchise History

Mookie Betts, kneeling during National Anthem. Photo Credit/Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

By: Patty McMurray at 100 Percent FED Up

The Los Angeles Dodgers and San Francisco Giants showed their support for “racial inequality” by kneeling for the Marxist Black Lives Matter movement during a pre-game spectacle in Los Angeles on Thursday night.


Mookie Betts was the lone player who kneeled for the anthem on the Dodgers team.


USA Today – The Los Angeles Dodgers, who wondered at times whether Mookie Betts would even play a game for them before testing free agency, signed Betts to the richest contract in franchise history.


On Wednesday, the Dodgers and Betts announced that they reached an agreement on terms of a 12-year, $365 million contract with Mookie Betts.


Betts, 27, a four-time Gold Glove winner who won the AL MVP in 2018, rejected an extension before being traded by the Red Sox that would pay him $300-$325 million over 10 years.


The day after the Los Angeles Dodgers announced their historic deal with Betts, he kneeled during the National Anthem to fight “racial injustice.”



In 2016, Mookie Betts said he would never kneel for the National Anthem.

Pedro Moura, a writer who covers the Dodgers for Athletic, tweeted a reminder about a statement Mookie Betts made in 2016 that’s in stark contrast to his actions the day after the announcement that he’s signed the largest contract in franchise history with the Dodgers.

In 2016, Mookie Betts said he would never kneel during the national anthem because is a U.S. Air Force Vietnam veteran.

He kneeled tonight in protest of racial injustice. He said he knows now that kneeling does not disrespect the military. “I wasn’t educated,” he said. “My fault.”



What a joke.


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