Michigan’s Gov, Wicked Witch Whitmer Now Forced To Beg Feds For Bailout After Running State Budget Into The Ground

Opinion| ICYMI| Sometimes you see a story and it makes you wonder how on Earth the subject of the article ended up in this situation with so weak of a hand to play.

In this instance, I am talking about America’s favorite Governor, the darling of Michigan, Totally non-authoritarian and obviously not intoxicated with the power of being Governor, the lovely, humble and caring, Gretchen Whitmer.

You may remember her from such stunts as …. threatening doctors and pharmacists who prescribed a specific, and according to some doctors, wonderful treatment for the DNTBM (Disease Not To Be Mentioned):



Doesn’t ring a bell? How about this one? Back in March, the loving, caring governor forbid big-box retailers from selling … seeds … in-person at their retail stores according to the Detroit News. I mean, everyone knows the decent thing to do when facing possible supply chain collapses and food shortages is to infringe on the ability to procure the tools needed to grow one’s own food, right?

Instead of going on and on about the absurd rules the power-hungry Governor has enacted, let’s take a look at how she seemed to take so much pride in tearing down and opposing President Trump as he tried to united the nation and fight the Chinese virus at the same time.

Whitmer took every chance she could get to attack President Trump.


The Washington Times ran a piece entitled ‘While Whitmer attacks Trump, Michigan suffers from her miscues during COVID-19 crisis

State shows what happens when bureaucracy messes with doctors, guns and prisons’ back on April 6th.

‘A few Democratic governors have sought to build a more positive relationship with President Trump amid the coronavirus crisis, but Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has chosen to lead her party’s drumbeat of criticism. She is the new Democratic star who recently gave her party’s response to Mr. Trump’s State of the Union address and is on Joe Biden’s shortlist of vice presidential running mates.


Ms. Whitmer appears almost daily on cable news shows. She alleged, without providing evidence, that the Trump administration caused medical supply vendors “not to send stuff here to Michigan.” She attacked the administration for not giving “clear directives and guidance.” Mr. Trump responded by tweeting that she “likes blaming everyone for her own ineptitude.” Her most recent theme is that Mr. Trump is derelict for not providing a stay-at-home order for the entire country.

On “Fox News Sunday” this past weekend, Ms. Whitmer said that a number of hospitals in the Detroit area are already at capacity. Indeed, Michigan has the fourth-highest per capita death rate from the disease. But she was slow to act. The neighboring states of Illinois, Indiana and Ohio have much lower death rates, but their governors issued stay-at-home orders before Ms. Whitmer did.

Mr. Trump is the one who has introduced extraordinary measures to fight the virus. The president used his emergency powers to enable off-label use of drugs to fight the virus, while Ms. Whitmer initially fought this in her own state. Now that the death toll has surged, Ms. Whitmer has finally changed her tune. ‘


Long story short, this woman has decided that is would be in her best interests to try and be the face of the TDS crowd on the DNTBM front. Considering how much money the shutdown and it’s draconian new rules have cost the state, it seems hard to believe that she did not have the foresight to know that sooner or later she was going to need to ask the Federal Government … of which Trump is the President of, for a HUGE bailout.

That is where we are today, and I am sure President Trump is still chuckling about the Governor and her blatant stupidity. From where I sit, it looks like Gov Whitmer used her power, not with her citizens’ well being above all else, but rather to try and strike a blow against President Trump and score political points among the far left base of the Democrat Party. Now she must approach Trump, or Congress and the Senate, hat in hand, on bended knee, like a petulant college kid who berates his conservative parents as Nazis and fascists for supporting Trump, then turns around and asks for money for beers and weed for their dorm room.

Just recently the tyrannical governor backed the insane call to “defund the police.

Now Whitmer must bend the knee to President Trump


According to WILX:

During her press conference, the governor listed the amount of money the state has spent in fighting COVID-19. She said the state has more than $436 million fighting COVID-19 in the past 10 weeks, which is money the state wasn’t planning on spending when the budget was set a year ago, on top of the $3 billion the state has already lost in tax revenue.

The governor said there is no way to cut spending enough to fill the estimated $6 billion hole over the next two years. She called on the federal government to come together to help Michigan and other states facing budget challenges. Under the current federal cares act, states can’t use federal aid money to pay for things that were in the budget before the pandemic started.


Yes, it is possible for Congress to allocate the money in a bill, however, if it does not have a super majority, it is going to require Trump’s signature. Odds are Trump is going to have the final say on whether or not these funds get distributed to the great state of Michigan.

I would love to be able to listen in if Whitmer ever had the courage to call Trump up and grovel to him, begging for him to use our money to solve the problems she helped create.

Do you think the people of Texas, Alaska, Florida, or any other state should be forced to pay for her tyrannical, failed regime? I sure don’t, but hey, that’s just like, my opinion man.


Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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