Michigan Residents Create Traffic Grid-Locks In Protest Of Radical Governor Whitmer’s Lockdown Measures

By Chris “Badger” Thomas at Breaking First

Residents of Michigan, angry about what they see as overbearing executive orders by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, have a planned a massive protest around the state capitol on Wednesday.


The Michigan Conservative Coalition has organized “Operation Gridlock,” which will likely see protesters in their cars, honking horns, and clogging streets.


“Everyone, every citizen, every business owner needs to get out of their house, out of their chair, and get in their car, or truck, or anything that is legal to drive on taxpayer-funded roads,” the group said. Breitbart


I understand that people are frustrated and angry over the stay at home orders and because mainstream media is reporting lies and propaganda, people are losing their focus and logic as they start creating their own demands and agendas.


My point is that a grid-lock is not a civil protest nor will it change anything.  If people want change then they have to follow in the footsteps of those who have come before us and created documents that protect our freedoms and rights.



The following was released by 100%FedUp:

If you are attending Operation Gridlock tomorrow in Lansing starting at noon:

Please be aware that most/all bathroom facilities in the downtown area will be closed. It is our understanding the highway rest stops are open.  Consider using those before you drive into the Capitol area.
Fill your tank of gas before you head out

  • Don’t get out. (others may be on the Capitol lawn, but that is not our group) stay in your vehicle.  At the Vehicle Rally
  • Bring food and don’t drink lots of liquids, there may not be restrooms.
  • It is possible that not everyone will get to downtown Lansing.  Do not be discouraged as even being near will help send the message!
  • If you get stuck in a traffic jam on the highway or on surface streets heading into Lansing, DON’T TURN AROUND. You’re part of the gridlock!
  • Post personal story videos on our Facebook page about how bad this lockdown is hurting you, your family and your job/business
  • Use hashtag #Operation Gridlock for all social media
  • Stay in your car
  • Be loud, honk that horn, bring a bull horn if you have one
  • Lights on (and use four-way flashers when needed)
  • Make signs or use washable paint on your vehicle to deliver a message. Be Respectful
  • Wave flags
  • If you have a CB radio, use channel 15
  • Decorate your car–even on top as we expect news choppers and we have contracted with drones that may film the top of your vehicle.
  • Keep your vehicle moving, exit the loop to let others in.
  • Don’t block any first responders
  • STAY IN YOUR VEHICLE.  (social distancing)

ABOVE ALL BE RESPECTFUL.  Of police, emergency vehicles, EACH OTHER!


Creating a grid-lock is not how people should be protesting and making change happen, logic tells us that this will create more problems and the high potential for blocking Emergency Services on their way to accidents or medicals is very high.


I am all about people having their own free thoughts and exercising their rights, however, I am against blocking traffic and creating a grid-lock and the honking of horns.


A real protest to show that our rights have been washed away should be done at the State Capitol and in large numbers.


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Chris “Badger” Thomas is a Veteran who served our country as an Army Combat Medic.

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