Michigan Gov, Wicked Whitmer, Condemns Trump’s Campaign Event… But Was Fine With Biden Event A Day Earlier

OPINION| Political hack and Governor of Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer is doing everything within her considerable power to undermine President Trump’s chances of reelection. Her powers are amplified because her state is expected to be a critical swing state this November.


Former vice president, Joe Biden, was in Michigan for a campaign event the other day, and the Democratic nominee needs all the help Whitmer can give him if his latest round of plagiaristic deception will withstand the fraud test.


The crowd was huge! Just kidding, there was a handful of unenthusiastic losers.


Biden has a long history of plagiarism and when he unveils his “America First” plan to revive the economy, which he did at the tiny event and denied his decades of support for offshoring jobs and factories to China.



Finally, Biden has promised to rejoin the Paris Climate Treaty that, with its draconian environmental regulations, will forever restrict the growth of American industry and bolster the dominance of the communist Chinese.

When President Trump planned to hold his event on Thursday, an opportunity the president will surely use to dismantle everything Biden says, what does Whitmer do?


(Fox NewsBoth President Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden have campaign events planned in Michigan this week – but the state’s governor approves of only one of them, according to a report.

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, a Democrat, said the Trump event planned for Thursday was “very distressing,” while the Biden event, planned for Wednesday, was fine with her, the Detroit Free Press reported.

Whitmer’s excuse? The Biden event would be encouraging attendees to wear masks as a coronavirus precaution – while she was less certain about the Trump event. She said this with a straight face.


During his campaign rally in Winston-Salem, NC last night, many of Trump’s supporters could be seen behind him wearing bright red face masks that said either “TRUMP” or “MAGA.”

What’s Whitmer really afraid of? Every time you put more than fifty Biden supporters together you wind up with shattered storefronts, looting, and arson. At the least you wind up with diners being harassed.

On the other hand, every time Trump comes to town…



Whitmer is shoveling bull dung against the tide… If Biden truly had the double-digit lead as the mainstream media polling firms contend… the same media firms driving lies and obfuscations about President Trump… he wouldn’t be going to Michigan.

And he wouldn’t be so desperate as to try to usurp Trump’s America First platform.


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