Opinion| McConnell Furious After Senate Democrats Screw American Public – Block Emergency Coronavirus Package

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OPINION| Being a Conservative opinion publisher who invested all of our resources, both capital and time, into building a presence on Facebook has proven to be a terrible decision.


At times like these, where our nation is inarguably, one of the most dangerous situations the republic has ever faced, we are forced to self-censor.

Even with walking on eggshells, we are still forbidden from reaching anymore than about 0.00625% of our 3,200,000+ followers.


Not only has our reach been slashed to a tiny fraction of what it was, even a few weeks ago, we can not even express out opinions out of fear that our ability to reach ANY of the people who signed up to see our posts will be removed.

So, if you think we are walking on eggshells these days in what we write, that is because … we are.

Those on the other side of the isle, however, are working overtime to control the narrative.


While some people are suggesting that the economic fallout from the reaction to the Coronavirus outbreak could rival the Great Depression, the Democrats in the Senate are sitting on their hands.

On Sunday the Dems in the Senate voted against the 3rd phase of an economic stimulus bill aimed at helping the American people survive the monetary fall out of the essential lockdown of the economy by local authorities.


While 60 votes were needed for the passage of the bill, each and every Democrat voted against the bill, along with the Independents who caucus with the Democrats

The 5 Republican Senators who are in quarantine were obviously not available for the vote.

Because of the way the rules in the Senate work, Mitch McConnell flipped his vote to ‘no’, which resulted in a 47-47 tie, allowing another vote on the bill later on.



The Gateway Pundit reported:

‘House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was playing politics on Sunday and said she’s working on her own pork-filled emergency relief Coronavirus package.

McConnell was furious after the Senate Dems blocked the emergency stimulus bill and went off on them from the Senate floor.


“I changed my vote which gives me the opportunity to move to reconsider at a later time. That’s all I can do in the face of obstruction. I can understand obstruction when you’re trying to achieve something. This obstruction achieves nothing,” McConnell said.

McConnell blasted Pelosi. “She’s the Speaker of the House, not the Speaker of the Senate. We don’t have one. We were doing just fine until that intervention.”

McConnell continued, “We’ll have this cloture vote again at some point of my choosing and hopefully some adults will show up on the other side of the room and understand the gravity of the situation.’




President Trump and his team laid into the Democrats on Sunday.



Remember this. Senate Democrats voted NO on Phase 3 of the #coronavirus aid package. This is the bill that would deliver checks to American workers affected by #COVID19. Why are they playing politics with this? We don’t have the time to go back to the drawing board.


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