Looks Like Adam Schiff Just Lost Lisa Murkowski: ‘That’s Where He Lost Me’

David J Harris Jr.comSteven Ahle | Opinion| In the past two days, the Democrats [may have] lost the votes of Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski.


Collins got very upset at Jerry Nadler when he accused the Republican Senators of a cover-up.

And yesterday Adam Schiff cost them Lisa Murkowski’s vote when he delivered an allegedly fake story about someone telling him that anyone who voted against Trump would have their heads on a pike.


Most of the Republican Senators objected to his comment.

These were two incredibly bad blunders by Nadler and Schiff. Or was it? Think about what the Democrats really want.

They want to call witnesses, but they don’t want Republicans to call any. The odds that they get to call additional witnesses are slim at best, but the odds of getting to call witnesses without Republicans calling any is astronomical.


They need four votes from the RINOs, and it looked like they might have them.

By seemingly alienating Collins and Murkowski, they have all but guaranteed there will be no witnesses for either side, it seems to me. They will then campaign on Trump being a Nazi fascist criminal and Republicans as covering up his nonexistent crimes.

They will lose the impeachment fight, but they were going to lose that regardless. Now, all they have to do is convince voters that it was all a criminal conspiracy.


From The Gateway Pundit:

Schiff made the comments during the finale of the Democrat Managers’ three-day presentation of their case to convict and remove President Trump from office on charges of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. Schiff and his fellow House and Senate Democrats are frustrated that Republicans, who control the Senate with a 53 seat majority, are not supporting their efforts to open the trial to new witnesses and evidence.

Original CBS report from Thursday night by Nancy Cordes: “In opening statements, House managers examined the debunked conspiracy theories invoked by Pres. Trump. A @POTUS confidant tells CBS News that GOP senators were warned: “vote against the president & your head will be on a pike.”


“CBS News reported last night that a Trump confidante said that GOP senators were warned ‘vote against your President, vote against the President and your head will be on a pike’. I don’t know if that’s true: ‘Vote against the president and your head will be on a pike’. I have to say when I read that, and again I don’t know if that’s true, but when I read that I was struck by the irony, by the irony. I hope it’s not true, I hope it’s not true. But I was struck by the irony of the idea when we’re talking about a president who would make himself a monarch, that whoever that was would use the terminology of a penalty that was imposed by a monarch: a head on a pike.”

Editor’s Note: In fairness, we do not know if Murkowski was referring to her vote, or something more vague.  I guess we will find out son enough.

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