LMAO: Bernie Just Did Trump A Huuuuuge Favor, Holds Presser & Tells America That He Is Fighting On!

From Mark Sidney at Illicit Info OPINION Blog

OPINION| Bernie Sanders may not know it, but the old man is doing everything Trump could have ever dreamt of to fracture the Democratic Party.


About an hour and a half ago Bernie held a press conference, a presser which many people expected him to drop out of the race and concede that Joe Biden would be the nominee.


Well, like with most things in Bernie’s world, logic did not factor into Sanders’s decision.


It turns out Bernie is going to keep on going! This is great news for President Trump who will undoubtedly be laughing all the way to a reelection win as Bernie continues to exposed Joe Biden for the fragile, less than stable candidate he is.



The Gateway Pundit reported:


‘Bernie is pushing “free” healthcare, open borders and climate change.

Bernie, “Our campaign continues to win the vast majority of younger people. The younger generations in this country continue to support our campaign.”


Bernie, “Joe what are you going to say to those scientists who say we have 7-8 years to change our economy to deal with climate change?”‘

Is the Democrat Party a train wreck or what?!


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