LIBERALS Keep Parking On Farmer’s Land, So He And His Tractor Teach Them EPIC Lesson (Video)

By Dino Porrazzo at America’s Freedom Fighters


Farmers. Hard working people that get out of bed every day and do what it takes to make a living. Farmers are NOT the type of people you want to mess with- especially Croatian farmers. They’ve survived war and years of depredation in the Soviet bloc. Messing with Croatian farmers is a VERY bad idea.

Case in point.


 at TheBlaze reports that every Sunday vendors and visitors attend a flea market in Croatia. And every Sunday, farmer Pavao Bedekovic warns them against parking on his land, which is nearby.

Once again, many people continued to ignore his warning, but this time, he taught them a lesson just by going about his business of preparing the land to plant corn.


Check it out:



Lol! Try getting past those ditches, bit*hes!

Between two rows of parked cars, Bedekovic came through with his tractor and plowed the land.

According to the Croatian news site 24 SATA (via an unofficial translation), some drivers who were now stuck called the police. Ultimately, though, the authorities could do nothing, because it was Bedekovic’s land, and he could do as he pleased.


Eventually, the news site reported, the farmer flattened the furrows in the land to free the trapped cars.


Ha! My guess is that the farmer won’t have to deal with these idiots again.



H/t – America’s Freedom Fighters

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