Lawless in Seattle: Anarchists Preventing Police From Responding to Violent Crimes

By: Rusty Weiss at MenRec

Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best said that officers are unable to respond to a rising level of violent crime inside a so-called ‘autonomous zone’ established by anarchists in the city.

Best told reporters that calls for aid from law enforcement “have more than tripled” in the time period that a police precinct in the six-block area had been abandoned.

“These are responses to emergency calls — rapes, robberies, and all sorts of violent acts that have been occurring in the area that we’re not able to get to,” she explained.


“If that is your mother, your sister, your cousin, your neighbor’s kid that is being raped, robbed, assaulted, otherwise victimized, you’re not going to want to have to report that it took the police three times longer to get there to provide services to them,” warned Best.


Summer of Love

Earlier, Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan, defended her city’s decision to abandon the police precinct and said the takeover by rioters was “more like a block party atmosphere.”

Rapes and assaults are not a block party, Ms. Durkan.


Remarkably, she also referred to the uprising taking place in her city as a potential “summer of love.”

“Seattle Mayor says, about the anarchists’ takeover of her city, ‘it is a Summer of Love’. These Liberal Dems don’t have a clue,” President Trump responded on Twitter.

He added, “The terrorists burn and pillage our cities, and they think it is just wonderful, even the death. Must end this Seattle takeover now!”



Straighten It Out

President Trump has repeatedly called out Durkan for her inept handling of the crisis in her city and her willful ignorance as to what is going on.

“I will tell you, if they [Washington Governor Jay Inslee and Durkan] don’t straighten that situation out, we’re going to straighten it out,” Trump pledged.


Now the Seattle Police Chief is confirming – where the mayor fantasizes about a ‘summer of love’ protest, reality is dictating it is a ‘summer of crime.’

This is what happens when Democrats are allowed to run your city.


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