LAPD: City Residents Should “Cooperate and Comply” With Those Robbing Them

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The inmates are no longer running the asylum — they’re running the entire city.

In a release the Los Angeles Police Department tweeted out this week, authorities advised city residents to “cooperate and comply” with criminals while being robbed.

“Due to an increase in violent street robberies, Robbery-Homicide Division has become aware of an ongoing crime trend of follow-home robberies,” the release begins. “Suspects have been locating victims in Los Angeles, following them, and then committing the robberies as the victim arrives home or at their business.”


LAPD then outlined seven points constituting the department’s advice for how people should react to the robberies described.


Point five reads, “If you are being robbed, do not resist the robbery suspects; cooperate and comply with their demands. Be a good witness.”


Considering California’s gun laws, cooperating and complying with robbers may be the only thing citizens can do. The state has had universal background checks and an “assault weapons” ban since the ‘90s.


Other gun restrictions include a limit on the number of guns citizens can buy each month, a requirement that individuals show “good cause” in order to be approved for a concealed-carry permit, a prohibition on campus carry, a 10-day waiting period for firearm purchases, a ban on “high-capacity” magazines, and a red flag law.


California also has ammunition controls, which includes background checks for ammunition purchases.


But even while the Golden State has made it harder for law-abiding citizens to buy guns, it has taken a relaxed approach to actual criminals.


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