KURT RUSSELL: “Of Course I Have Guns, Now Is Not The Time To Lay Down Your Weapons…”

Kurt Russell has stepped up to the plate again and has let it be clear that he owns guns, he loves guns and he shoots guns! Hell yeah, I have always like this man.


Russell is a Libertarian, and a hardcore one at that. And he loves GUNS!


From the Daily Mail:

‘Sure I believe in the right to bear arms, as guaranteed under the Second Amendment of the American constitution,’ explains 64-year-old Kurt Russell, Hollywood A-lister and long-term partner of Goldie Hawn.

He is not ranting or raving in his luxurious hotel suite in the West End of London. Far from it.

This dapper and urbane man is sitting one leg crossed over the other, dressed immaculately and smiling serenely.

‘This is what people need to understand,’ he continues when asked about gun reform after the most recent school shootings in the States and the terrorist attack in San Bernardino that left 14 dead and 22 injured.

‘Now is not a good time to lay down your weapons – how will you protect yourself?

‘I am a libertarian, a hardcore one, and of course I have guns. I shoot things with them. I hunt game.’

Lose the last three and they are words that could quite easily be escaping from beneath the unkempt but extravagant whiskers of his character John ‘The Hangman’ Ruth – a 19th-century bounty hunter handcuffed to his wretched female prize (Jennifer Jason Leigh) and trapped by a blizzard in a remote staging post with a rum collection of coves. It is the premise of the latest Quentin Tarantino epic, The Hateful Eight.

And it is an epic, running at over three hours long, with an overture, an intermission and chapter headings. Russell has already been tipped for a Best Supporting Actor Academy Award.


Unfortunately Quentin Tarantino is a liberal jackass. However, he does make good films and this one looks to be pretty awesome. How Kurt Russell can stand to be around this flagrant, anti-cop liberal is beyond me.


As far as Kurt Russell goes, he is the man!





Kurt plays John ‘The Hangman’ Ruth – a 19th-century bounty hunter handcuffed to his wretched female prize and trapped by a blizzard in a remote staging post in The Hateful Eight (pictured with Samuel L Jackson)


H/T to our friends at America’s Freedom Fighters for this article.

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