Amy Klobuchar Threatens Republican Colleagues With Her ‘Wrath’ If They Don’t Cave To Vote-By-Mail Demands

By: Rusty Weiss at The Mental Recession

Senator Amy Klobuchar told her Republican colleagues that they’d suffer the “wrath” if they don’t concede to Democrats’ demands to fund vote-by-mail elections.

The Minnesota Democrat issued the warning during an appearance with MSNBC’s Al Sharpton.

Klobuchar wants the next coronavirus relief package to include funding for states to conduct and document vote-by-mail ballots in the upcoming election.


“Everyone should have that right, and we should also use this funding to make sure polls are open 20 days in advance and that we train a new generation of poll workers,” she said. “We must make this election safe for Americans. And the president can say what he wants.”



Fraud Likely

What the President has said is simply the truth: “There’s a lot of dishonesty going on with mail-in voting, mail-in ballots.”

Indeed, there have been some prominent examples of voter fraud involving mail-in ballots – debacles in North Carolina and Texas for beginners.

Mail-in ballots are considered by many as a means of allowing voter fraud.


Now, Klobuchar wants fraud in the 2020 election so badly she is threatening Republicans who stand in their way.

“It’s going to be wrath on my Republican colleagues if they do not allow for some funding to make sure that Americans can vote safely,” she said.

“Our state and local governments don’t have the money right now around the country, and that’s what’s going to be this big fight coming up in this next legislative package,” Klobuchar predicted. “We have to protect our very democracy.”




Nearly every major Democrat has endorsed a platform of allowing no identification, vote-by-mail options in the election as part of the coronavirus response.

Even as states begin to open up and allow people and businesses to return to some level of normalcy.

They had no indication this crisis would be extending into November from the beginning, nor do they now. So why are they pushing for it?


Two reasons:

  • They fear Joe Biden has little chance to beat President Trump on his own merits.
  • As Fox News host Tucker Carlson said, they want to “destroy” democracy itself.



A bipartisan electoral reform commission in 2005 concluded that mail-in voting creates privacy issues and “increases the risk of fraud.”


If Republicans allow this there will be a theft of the election that would make Al Franken blush. And that is when they’d feel the true ‘wrath’ of President Trump and his supporters.


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