Kansas Acknowledges Using Residents’ Cell Phone Location To Analyze Social Distancing Data And Fight The Pandemic

By Chris “Badger” Thomas at Breaking First

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment is using a GPS program to track residents’ locations through their cell phones in a bid to slow coronavirus cases, Dr. Lee Norman, the head of department, revealed in a press conference Wednesday.


Kansas is the first state to publicly acknowledge its use of such a program. Norman said that the state was using a platform called Unacast, which compares anonymized GPS data from before and after the implementation of social-distancing measures to track the measures’ effectiveness and offer county-level grades. Norman said that 45 of Kansas’s 105 counties had received an F rating as of Wednesday, while the state’s overall grade sat at a C. National Review


This is not really a surprise to me, people are selfish and their egos are out of control when it comes to the national emergency and staying at home. What I have personally seen is literally teenagers and college kids ignoring the 6′ rule as well as the no more than 10 people gathering rule.


Now people will blame parents and say that they need to control their kids but truth is, these kids running around together are doing what they want when they want and how they want.


They lack discipline, respect, integrity and selflessness and that means I truly believe we need to implement not just a strict curfew but also fines and detainment for these kids that choose to ignore their parents, their state and their President.


“It’s so critical, and we’re not doing well,” Norman said Wednesday in a joint press conference with Governor Laura Kelly. “We have to uniformly, across the state of Kansas, get serious about this to decrease the amount of travel we’re doing and stay home. . . . We’re trying very hard to bend this curve, but we can’t do that if Kansans don’t cooperate.”

National Review went on to say:


While the publicly available data on Unacast’s website currently shows a four-day lag time, Norman revealed that data he had access to was updated every other day.


Unacast began its coronavirus-tracking program last week, according to the Washington Post, which reported that the program could not identify whether people were staying six feet apart from one another, and that the data it did produce was not vetted by health authorities or epidemiologists.


Because Unacast acquires location data from other applications, it is not legally required to notify users that they are being tracked.


So the data is not accurate and certainly only provides a rough picture of the cell phone tracking, which in itself should piss people off.  You are being tracked and far more because of the cell phone addiction and because people cannot follow simple guidelines it is possible we will see a federal lock-down soon.


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Chris “Badger” Thomas is a Veteran who served our country as an Army Combat Medic.

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