Kansas Still Not Paying Out federal $600 Weekly From Stimulus As federal Stimulus Checks Are Being Sent Out

By Chris “Badger” Thomas at Breaking First

EXCLUSIVE: The majority of eligible Americans will receive their coronavirus aid payments no later than April 15, Fox News has learned.

A senior Treasury official told Fox News on Friday that by the middle of next week, tens of millions of eligible Americans will have money from the federal government directly deposited into their bank accounts.


Payments are already hitting some people’s accounts as of Friday evening, Fox News is told.

The official said Treasury is transmitting the batch of payments to the Federal Reserve for distribution to financial institutions across the nation. Those financial institutions will then distribute the payments into Americans’ bank accounts. Fox News

Kansas Unemployment has the people of Kansas furious because it is constantly down and phone lines are overwhelmed even though the stimulus package was signed weeks ago and other states have started sending out the $600 weekly federal money, Kansas has not.


Kansas claims it is because Unemployment has overwhelmed them, even though every single state has the same issues and these other states can process and send the money out.

Unemployment claims in Kansas soared more than 600 percent in one week as the coronavirus has slowed or shut down large swaths of the economy, Kansas Labor Secretary Delía García disclosed Friday. Wichita Eagle News


Bills are not stopping, rent and mortgages are still due all the while Kansas unemployment benefits website is down far more than it is up and the people are left struggling and without the emergency funds they were promised.

Local Fox 4 News reported the following:

TOPEKA, Kan. — A website so outdated and overloaded that even the person in charge is having trouble logging in – that was the discouraging news Monday from the Kansas Unemployment Division.


“We are experiencing extreme technical difficulties at this time,” Kansas Unemployment Director Laura Klein Searles announced on Facebook.

“I’ve been trying every day,” said 58-year-old Frank Donegan, who was laid off March 21. “There’s four phone numbers that people are told to call. I’ve got two phones one for work, one for personal. I sat there and dialed four different numbers back and forth: Busy, busy, busy. You just want to break your phones and start over.”


After weeks of trying, Donegan was able to reach someone Monday who helped him complete an unemployment form that he had already supposedly completed online weeks earlier.


Donegan was promised his first check would arrive within a couple of days, but he’s not holding his breath. Two of his nephews were approved for benefits three weeks ago and still don’t have a check.

This is happening to the people of Kansas and nobody seems to care.


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Chris “Badger” Thomas is a Veteran who served our country as an Army Combat Medic.

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