Just In: NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo And Democrats Double Down On Gun Control Agenda


By Chris “Badger” Thomas at Breaking First

Anti-gun groups love to present themselves as non-partisan. They want you to believe that gun control is a non-partisan issue, that it’s something that transcends political lines. That people on both sides of the aisle or on neither side alike support their “sensible gun safety” policies.


Of course, it’s all a bunch of male bovine excrement. While there are exceptions on either side, the lines are mostly pretty clear. If you have Democrats in power, you end up with gun control. Bearing Arms



“We should not deny our communities and our state this opportunity that has been granted to us, of controlling both houses and the governor’s office, to pass tough measures of gun control in this session, New York State will finally be able to move forward to have real gun control reforms in place.” said Assmb. Felix Ortiz (D-Brooklyn)



Cuomo, however, said he won’t let New York be surpassed by other states on one of his legacy issues.



“We enacted the nation’s best gun safety law with bipartisan support after the Sandy Hook massacre, but before Orlando, El Paso, Parkland, Las Vegas, Dayton, Pittsburgh and countless other massacres,” Cuomo said in his January State of the State address. “You cannot count the number of lives we saved in New York with the SAFE Act, but you could have been able to count the number of lives we would have lost if we didn’t pass the SAFE Act. And thank God we did.”



This year, Cuomo proposes:

  • Prohibiting “ghost guns,” which would bar individuals who can’t legally possess a firearm from buying separate parts, then assembling an untraceable gun or shotgun.
  • Authorizing courts to seize guns from the scene of a domestic violence incident.
  • Denying firearm permits and licenses to an applicant who committed certain misdemeanors deemed serious in another state. Current law already denies permits and licenses to New Yorkers if they commit serious misdemeanors within New York.
  • Requiring all crime gun data including ballistic records to be kept in a centralized database for use by law enforcement.
  • Sharing “flags” of mental health concerns about gun owners to officials in other states.
  • Creating a “domestic violence misdemeanor” that could deny firearms from an abuser upon conviction.


In New York, other active bills in the legislature would add a 10-day waiting period for the purchase of rifles and shotguns; prohibit any child younger than 12 from attending gun shows; adopt “Nicholas’ Law” to require firearms to be locked away when not in use; create the “Safe Homes Act” that would immediately remove firearms from the site of domestic violence until a court decides they should be returned; require a gun violence prevention program in schools; prohibit many .50-caliber rifles; and provide tax credits for purchasing gun safety equipment such as safes.

Chris “Badger” Thomas is a Veteran who served our country as an Army Combat Medic.

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