Just In: Governor Northam’s Gun Bills Include Proposals To Establish A “Red Flag” Gun Seizure Mechanism… Here’s What We Know

By Chris “Badger” Thomas at Breaking First

Lawmakers in the Democrat-controlled Virginia state legislature greenlighted a raft of gun control measures in the final days of the legislative session, sending them to the desk of Gov. Ralph Northam.


The bills headed to the Governor include proposals to establish a “red flag” gun seizure mechanism, require background checks on all gun sales, allow cities and counties to pass their own tough local gun control ordinances, penalize gun owners who have their firearms lost or stolen and forget to report them, mandatory gun lock laws, and removing the ability of local school boards to allow lawful guns on campus.


“A historic step forward—and even more to come,” said Northam, a Democrat, and advocate of more gun restriction, on social media as the first batch of bills hit his desk. Bearing Arms



With everything going on in the nation, especially with viruses and political pandering, states like Virginia are passing firearm bills and the people are simply not aware of what is getting signed. Mainstream media made it sound as if the people of Virginia had won the second amendment fight and there was nothing else to see.  But we can clearly see more firearm bills being signed and with the right hand distracting people, the left is hard at work silently passing the bills.


The legislative session in Virginia is almost over, and Democrats in the House and Senate have reached an agreement on several gun control measures that passed out of their respective chambers in different forms, ensuring that Gov. Ralph Northam will be able to sign most of his anti-gun agenda into law in coming days. You can read more on Virginia gun control here.


Meanwhile, During CPAC, Culpepper County Sheriff Scott Jenkins stated that Virginia Democrats are punishing sheriffs who continue to stand against gun control.  Jenkins said that he and other sheriffs who took a similar stand were threatened with having insurance coverage removed “from deputies and staff.”


He said that sheriffs throughout the state were offered a $10,000 raise “if we would tuck tail and follow [the Democrats’] lead and stop the push-back.”  You can read the full story here.


It is the duty of the Sheriffs departments to protect people against over-reaching federal laws as well as laws such as Red Flag laws, Northam has threatened their livelihoods, just imagine what he is willing to do with everyone else’s.


Chris “Badger” Thomas is a Veteran who served our country as an Army Combat Medic.

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