John Kerry Makes Outrageous Claim: ‘Never Had A Whiff Of Scandal” During Obama Presidency


Former Secretary of State John Kerry told CNN on Friday that during President Barack Obama’s eight years in office, there wasn’t a “whiff of scandal” despite several instances and incidents involving allegations of corruption.

Kerry, who served as Obama’s top diplomat after Hillary Clinton stepped down in 2013 to prepare for her 2016 presidential bid, is backing the 44th president’s second-in-command, Joe Biden, for the 2020 Democratic nomination.



“I find that Joe Biden’s breadth of experience and leadership with any number of issues from the Violence Against Women Act to the Assault Weapons Ban to arms control agreements, to pushing an administration to make peace where it didn’t want to initially be involved, I think those things will really ring strongly against the other candidacies in this race,” Kerry said. “That’s why I’m here.”

“I believe Joe Biden is the only person who has the set of relationships around the world, who has had this unbelievable breadth of experience as Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee and then as vice president for eight years, and an administration, by the way, which never had a whiff of scandal,” he added.



Biden himself has been accused of abusing his office as Vice President in his dealings with Ukraine. Republicans and the Trump administration point to a video of him admitting he got a Ukrainian prosecutor fired who was investigating a company employing his son, Hunter, as a board member.

In the video, Biden also says he threatened to withhold $1 billion in foreign aid to the Ukrainians if the then-leader, President Petro Poroshenko, did not fire the prosecutor who was conducting a corruption probe of an energy company called Burisma Holdings.



Also during Obama’s tenure, the “Fast & Furious” scandal erupted involving the ‘walking’ of guns purchased by straw buyers in the U.S. — which is illegal — into Mexico, ostensibly so federal law enforcement agencies could track them to drug cartels.

In addition, Republicans note that the killing of U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and three U.S. military contractors in Benghazi was a huge scandal, along with additional ones involving the IRS targeting conservative organizations during the 2012 election cycle and Obama’s creation of the DACA program by executive order.

This article originally appeared at USAFEATURESMEDIA and was republished with permission.

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