Joe Biden: “We gotta, it’s just, but, you gotta, I mean, the, we gotta reassure, look, here, my, my message to everybody I talk to”

By: 100 Percent FED Up


Joe Biden on Morning Joe had this to say:

“We gotta, it’s just, but, you gotta, I mean, the, we gotta reassure, look, here, my, my message to everybody I talk to”

There are plenty more where this clip came from. This is sad but it’s important for Americans to understand that this man cannot be president.

Clips from the interviews (see below) with Biden are embarrassing and sad. It’s really hard to believe this man is the nominee for the Democrats. They just keep pushing him out there to make gaffe after gaffe.


You’d think his wife would put an end to this trainwreck.


Watch Jill Biden when Joe Biden can’t remember what he was saying in the video below. She is really shameless in her effort to push her husband to be POTUS.



That was in April. Fast forward to last week:


Joe Biden was speaking at a coronavirus roundtable and lost his train of thought, looking down at the notes he had in front of him.


This is a man who wants to be president, and he can’t complete a thought unless it’s on a teleprompter.


Watch below, and it’s clear that it’s cruel to continue this charade:


“Ya know the rapidly rising, uh, um, in with a, with a…I don’t know know…Wa, Um”



During the same event, Biden made the claim that George Floyd’s death had more of an impact than MLK’s.

Joe Biden just doesn’t know when to stop pandering. He was speaking today about George Floyd and commented:

“Even Dr. King’s assassination did not have the worldwide impact that George Floyd’s death did.”

That’s a slap in the face to Dr. King’s memory.

Watch below as Biden lets a mask hang from his ear while he’s speaking. Does he know it’s still there?



Biden has been desperately reaching out for the black vote. It’s been hardcore pandering for weeks now. If Biden can make President Trump look like a racist to the nation, he feels he’ll win because of the black vote and the “white guilt” vote.


Joe Biden was asked about the big protest in Michigan at the capitol in Lansing and had this incoherent statement about it:

“Well, the reason you should have a mask on…Those people should get off your state capitol’s lawn”


The two comments from Biden are not connecting at all. This is more of the same from Biden…

Joe Biden to Michigan protesters: Get off the lawn!


. It’s funny that Biden is the old guy yelling at people to get off the lawn.

2. It’s scary to hear the presumptive Democrat nominee Joe Biden attack people for exercising their First Amendment right to protest & assemble.



In the same virtual town hall, Biden had more word salad for all 10 people watching:

What in the heck is Joe Biden saying in the video below?
Biden was in the middle of one of his virtual town hall chats and he said this:

Americans are “honorable,” “I don’t hear anyone saying, ‘I’m not going to serve so and so because they’re of Mexican descent, or they’re Egyptian,’ or ‘I’m not going to deal with taking someone out of a burning automobile because of their color or their race …”

Yeah, this is a burning topic in our country. All of those damn racists who evaluate who’s in a burning car before pulling them out. (sarcasm)


What? Egyptian?


Who in their right mind would endorse or vote for this man? He’s lost his marbles!

This is usually what happens when Biden goes off-script but even when he’s reading from a script, it’s a disaster:



Does anyone believe that this man is fit to run America?


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