Jim Jordan Takes A Blowtorch To Democrats And Reveals Their Shadowy Strategy Behind The COVID Oversight Committee

Jim Jordan reveals Dems’ shadowy strategy to get rid of Trump.

By: Sarah Cowgill at Liberty Nation

Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH) let fly one heck of a rant on Fox News’ top-rated show Hannity the other day. Appearing with Representative Louie Gohmert (R-TX), Jordan sounded the alarm bells on what he believes is another attempt by House Democrats to oust the president from office. A House oversight committee has been formed to dissect COVID-19 and the federal government’s response. But Gohmert and Jordan believe they smell a rat.

Perhaps it is because President Trump is dominating the news media, and the presumptive Democratic Party nominee shelters in place, rarely seen or heard, so it was simply time to launch another investigation. After all, how else could Democrats steal the limelight, cast aspersions on the leader of the Free World, and take over the White House except to use the nasty little bug as the battering ram?

Jordan, not taking a breath, did not mince words:


“Democrats never miss an opportunity to try to advance their far-left agenda and attack the president and attack Republicans. I mean, think about what they have proposed during this pandemic … release illegal immigrants, pay states to let criminals out of jail, deem abortion clinics as essential businesses and stop Americans from purchasing a firearm and stop Americans from going to church. That’s what they push during this crisis.”



He wasn’t even close to being done. Continuing in “I have the floor” mode, Jordan brought up the Democrats’ playlist to date and their failed investigations: “It wasn’t good enough with Crossfire Hurricane, wasn’t good enough with the Mueller investigation, couldn’t get the president with this crazy impeachment over the Ukrainian phone call, so now they’re going to create a select committee to go after the president.”


The Committee To Elect Joe Biden?

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), between scoops of gourmet ice cream, managed to appoint Majority Whip Jim Clyburn (D-SC) chairman of the so-called “bipartisan” oversight committee. By all accounts — including Gohmert’s and Jordan’s — Clyburn is a stand-up, reputable guy. The problem, as the gentleman from Ohio sees it, is that Clyburn is a staunch supporter of candidate Biden. Jordan reminded the audience, “He is the reason Joe Biden won that primary [SC] and then went on to the nomination.”


Jordan referred to eight other committees that he says are already performing a similar function. “These first eight committees, they work for the taxpayers,” he said. “And the ninth committee is going to work for Joe Biden.”


Jordan had previously noted the existence of, as described by Politico, “a five-member Congressional Oversight Commission, a committee of inspectors general given broad authority over implementation of the law and a newly established inspector general for pandemic response. Lawmakers also sent millions of dollars to shore up the auditing power of the Government Accountability Office.” Additionally, the COVID-19 Congressional Oversight Commission, created by the CARES Act, will be overseeing the allocated relief funds.


Guest host former Governor Mike Huckabee baited the panel with a “why not” question. As Jordan finally sucked in some much-needed air, Gohmert saw an opening and jumped on Huckabee like a duck on a June bug:


“That’s a loaded question. That’s exactly Speaker Pelosi’s solution. If you got eight committees in the hands of Democrats who are simply not doing their job, the solution is create another committee … Speaker Pelosi said, ‘We are going to do this in a bipartisan way’ and promptly has a 100% partisan vote to form the committee to try and impeach President Trump.”


Congress, Get It Together

America needs a responsive Congress, not a vindictive Congress. A body that represents the people, not special interests. It should entertain different viewpoints — but always put Americans and their country first. In the middle of a national emergency, partisanship must be set aside, and this pandemic should not be weaponized against Democrats or Republicans to the detriment of the citizens.


After Jordan had a moment’s rest, he delivered the final shot: “So, this committee is partisan politics. It’s about helping Joe Biden and going after the president of the United States.” A rat by any other name.


This article originally appeared at Liberty Nation and was republished with permission.

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