Jewish Political Prisoner Who Saved Life of Black Trump Supporter On Jan 6 Tells Incredible Story Of Brutal Police Beatings To Gateway Pundit From Prison [AUDIO]

By Patty McMurray at 100 Percent FED Up

The Gateway Pundit is doing an amazing job of reporting on the political prisoners from January 6th, many of whom have been tortured and severely punished while in detention at several prisons across America.

Today, The Gateway Pundit released a stunning interview with Jewish political prisoner Jake Lang who saved the life of Philip Anderson on January 6th.

Here’s a video from the incredible website that shows Jake Lang saving Philip Anderson’s life:



The Gateway Pundit spoke exclusively with Jake and Philip.

Here is their incredible report – Jake is being held inside the prison and had to call in twice because the prison cut off his first call when it timed out.

Philip Anderson thanked Jake Lang for saving his life that day.



Political prisoner Jake Lang is currently serving time in Washington DC for his actions on January 6.
Jake Lang, a Jewish Trump supporter, has been held without trial and abused in the DC Gitmo for over 330 days.

Philip was being trampled when Capitol Police attacked and then without warning pushed Trump supporters down the stairs outside the US Capitol in Washington DC.

Philip was buried under several people when the Capitol police continued to push protesters on top of him. He was next to Rosanne Boyland who was killed by police when they trampled her and pushed Trump protesters on top of her. Jake saw Rosanne die. He saw it in her eyes. He also saw Philip Anderson’s limp body who was laying next to Rosanne Boyland.  This was all while DC Police continued to beat, push, and pepper-sprayed the protesters on the ground.



Jake told us he has seen a video from “inside the tunnel” near the US Capitol on January 6th. The Democrats and Liz Cheney refuse to release this video. Because they know it is a game-changer. Jake Lang was there that day and witnessed DC Police viciously beating seniors and women in this tunnel. Jake says the police were wailing on the Trump supporters. They used all their force to beat the unarmed Trump supporters that day. This story is not being told. Democrats and Liz Cheney refuse to release the video.

Here’s the audio of their incredible interview with Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft:



Jake told the Gateway Pundit he was offered a plea deal this week.  The government offered him 9 YEARS in prison for his crimes on January 6.  NINE YEARS!  Jake said no thanks.  He will see them in court.

Last week, we shared the heartbreaking letter from a January 6 political prisoner that was sent to Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) – On November 5, 2021, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) and Rep.Louie Gohmert (R-LA), visited the D.C. jail where political prisoners from January 6th are still being held. She reported back to the American public that the detainees charged in connection with the Capitol riot were “suffering greatly.”

Following her visit to the DC Jail, Rep Taylor Greene released a gut-wrenching report titled, “Unusually Cruel” to document her disturbing findings.



Washington Times reports – The Georgia Republican said her visiting the detainees in the “Patriot” wing of the D.C. Central Treatment Facility “was like walking into a prisoner of war camp and seeing men [whose] eyes can’t believe someone had made it in to see them.”

Mrs. Greene said they have “virtually no medical care, very poor food quality, and [are] being put through re-education which most of them are rejecting.”

She said the detainees “have felt forgotten and hopeless” and that she was “greeted by men with overwhelming cheers who rushed out to meet me with tears streaming down their faces.”

The lawmaker is planning to release a report about the visit and said she is committed to bringing an end to this “political war.”

One of the political prisoners Rep. Taylor Greene visited in the DC Jail recently sent her a letter to express his gratitude for her concern over their well-being. The letter, written by Andrew Taake can be seen below. Andrew’s profile can be found on the American Gulag, a website dedicated to keeping tabs on the January 6th political prisoners.


Andrew Taake

Rep. Marjorie Taylor-Greene posted a copy of the letter from Taake on social media. Along with a photo of the letter, she wrote:

I received a letter from a J6 PRE-TRIAL defendant who says he has been transferred to a maximum-security prison and is now in 24-hour-a-day confinement & only gets to shower 3 days per week.

Andrew Taake is the defendant I met on my DC Jail visit that has a mangled finger and has been refused medical treatment all these months.

His letter states that he and 2 others were transferred to USP Lewisburg after my visit.


ALL J6 defendants should be in a pre-trial facility or allowed out on bail until their trial.

Hello, I hope all is well with you and your staff. This is Andrew Take. I am the gentleman you met at D.C. Jail with the horrendously mangled finger…that I also saw you mention on War Room.
I wanted to update you on some of the happenings since your visit. Three of us have been clearly retaliated against by the Government & D.C. Jail as of 11/9/21. Thomas Ballard, Chris Quaglin, and myself have been shipped over 3 hours away to a UNITED STATES PENITENTIARY which is a maximum security facility meant for the worst offenders that get convicted. We are still in Pre-Trial Detainment and SHOULD NOT in any circumstances have come to USP Lewisburg. This place admittingly, by staff, is not even set up for Pre-Trial people.

They have us housed in a maximum-security portion of an already maximum security prison. This is a nightmare even compared to D.C. It’s been 10+ days with no access to a phone to call family or an Attorney. We’re on 24-hour per day lockdown in a 7 X 10 2-person cell, with only 3 times per week out to shower. We are treated like animals, being handcuffed even for 50 feet to get to the shower. We get no recreation time. We have no access to a law library which is another legal right. It seems that we are trying to be hidden and beaten.

Thank you again for taking your time to visit us, and the love and compassion you have shown us!! We are still in good spirits after the tear filled prayer and national anthem during your visit.

It would be a blessing to have your continued support as we try to get ourselves out of “The Big House” (USP Lewisburg) and back to a regular Pre-Trial facility.

P.S. was just told that they had a meeting specifically about fixing my finger…minimum of 6 months to even begin taking care of it

Thank you & God bless,

Andrew Taake and Thomas Ballard


This is truly unbelievable and absolutely SICKENING!


This article originally appeared at 100 Percent FED Up and was republished with permission.

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