Impeachment 2.0: Pelosi Signs Off on Brand New Subpoena – Nadler Says Judiciary Committee ‘Likely’ to Issue Bolton Subpoena Soon

From Mark Sidney at Illicit Info OPINION Blog

Opinion| Mark Sidney|  I think we all knew that this moment was coming.


Trump has the Democrats so triggered that they will stop at nothing, even if it means their own destruction, to try and embarrass our President.

Look at what happened last night. Speaker Pelosi let her hatred get the best of her and made a complete fool of herself in front of the entire nation.  It was a glorious moment to watch her fall right into Trump’s obvious trap.


So now it should come as no surprise that  Nadler and his gang of goons are preparing to initiate coup 5.0. This time the testimony of Ukrainian Oligarch money recipient, John Bolton will be the star witness in the

never-ending quest to bounce POTUS.

The Gateway Pundit reports:

‘President Trump will be acquitted on Wednesday by the senate in the impeachment trial but the Democrats won’t let it end today.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has already signed off on a John Bolton subpoena and House Judiciary Chairman Jerrold Nadler is ready to roll.

“Nadler says it’s likely he will subpoena Bolton. Says the Speaker has signed off on it. Unclear when it will happen.” Fox News’ Chad Pergram reported.


The Democrat media complex tried to shake the senate impeachment trial by conveniently releasing a portion of John Bolton’s book in an effort to have the former NatSec Advisor called in as a witness.’

This should be interesting seeing as the following clip has been in the public domain for some time now:


Which makes sense considering he has flipped his position 180 degrees since Trump **** canned his ***.

Prediction: This too will end badly for the Dems …


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