Ilhan Omar’s Dirty Money Hustle Blows Wide Open, Reports Say She Gave 40% Of Her Campaign Spending To Loverboy’s Firm

From Mark Sidney at Illicit Info OPINION Blog

Opinion| Mark Sidney|  How Ilhan Omar has keep herself out prison at this point is anyone’s guess.


Could you imagine the outrage from the Dems and their lackeys in the media, had learned that Donald Trump had diverted money from his campaign to his illicit lover?  The Democrats in House of Representatives would be holding impeachment hearings in Schiff’s star chamber all over again.

Again, there is one set of rules for the left and another standard for those of us who actually give a flying **** about the Constitution.


Omar’s time under the microscope seems to have begun when Tom Fitton’s Judicial Watch requested an ethics investigation into the Somali refugee, turned Democrat Congresswoman after allegations surfaced that she had improperly routed campaign funds to her illicit lover, Tim Mynett, back in September.

The Gateway Pundit explains:


‘Judicial Watch expanded their request for an ethics investigation into Ilhan Omar after previously demanding a probe into allegations of marriage fraud, immigration fraud, tax fraud and identity fraud.

There is overwhelming evidence that Ilhan Omar married her own brother to defraud US immigration. She also may have perjured herself several times in her divorce statements.

Judicial Watch says there is enough evidence for the Justice Department to launch a criminal investigation into Ilhan Omar.’


Via Judicial Watch:

Judicial Watch announced today that it hand-delivered a letter to the U.S. House of Representatives Office of Congressional Ethics calling for further investigation of Rep. Ilhan Omar over new allegations that her alleged lover, Tim Mynett, received nearly $230,000 from her campaign since July 2018. The latest letter supplements Judicial Watch’s July complaint demanding an investigation of alleged marriage, immigration, tax, and other fraud-related to the allegation that Rep. Omar had married her brother.

The new campaign finance allegations arise as a result of divorce filings alleging the affair between Mr. Mynett and Rep. Omar.

But the story does not end there.


A few months after Judicial Watch called for the inquiry, New York Post reported that Ilhan Omar gave $147,000 more to Tim’s firm than was previously reported.

You would think that once the investigations began Omar would reconsider how she was allocating her funds, right?


GTW not reports ‘And now it appears that over half of Ilhan Omar’s spending in the fourth quarter went to her boyfriend’s E Street Group.

Overall for 2019 40% of her spending went to her boyfriend’s company.’


That means that, in half a year, $363,277.28 of her campaign’s total reported disbursements went to her alleged paramour’s firm, one that seems to have not existed prior to the last election cycle. In fact, of the $677,913.44 that the E Street Group reported receiving from campaigns to the FEC for the entirety of its existence, a majority, $369,551.02, came from Ilhan For Congress.

Now, everyone is innocent until proven guilty (except Trump and his supporters) so we need to wait and see if the system actually does anything about this. To be honest, I am not holding my breath.


Ever since the DS began their never-ending plotting to overturn Trump’s election in 2016, I have lost more and more faith in our law enforcement leadership (federal law enforcement) as each day goes by.

Let’s hope the DOJ grows a backbone and starts holding some corrupt politicians accountable ASAP.

I won’t hold my breath…

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