Ihan Omar Flips Out On Twitter, Calls 2 Supreme Court Justices ‘Accused Sexual Predators’ Says Abortion Is A ‘Constitutional Right’

Opinion| ICYMI| We are currently witnessing one of the most divisive, entitled, stuck up, ungrateful and corrupt members of Congress collapsing in on herself and going ‘supernova’.


Ilhan Omar is one of a kind. She is the 37-year-old, Somali refugee, who is currently serving the 5th district of Minnesota.


Now, you would think that a young woman who the United States took in after her country collapsed into a war-torn ****hole, who later went on to become a member of Congress, would be thrilled to be an American, and would be eternally grateful for the opportunity our country has provided her.


Yeah, you would think so, but if you did, you would be wrong.


You would also think that a woman who cheated on her husband with a staffer, and funneled hundreds of thousands of dollars to her illicit lover’s firm, from her campaign funds would be trying to keep a low profile.


Again, you would be wrong.


Why she is able to get away with all this is beyond me.


Recently the embattled Congresswoman who has made a career out of crapping on America and deriding our nation as a racist empire build on the back of minorities has set her sights on the Supreme Court.


SaraCarter.com reported:


‘Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-MN, took to Twitter Wednesday with some very accusatory Tweets. She suggested two SCOTUS Judges of being “accused sexual predators” and then stated that abortion was a Constitutional right.


“Two accused sexual predators should not be deciding whether or not women have access to healthcare in this country,” she said. She is allegedly referring to unproven and false claims against Justices Brett Kavanaugh and Clarence Thomas. Her statements were met with backlash from people around the country.’



It’s funny how she is so willing to run with baseless allegations against Supreme Court justices while deflecting the evidence that she committed immigration crimes.


She also seems to not have read the US Constitution:



If America is going to survive we need to stop electing people who deride this nation and start electing people who understand that getting the government off our backs and out of our wallets is the only thing that is going to return America to the economic growth engine it once was.


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