Ilhan Omar Disrespects US Military Again With ‘Truly Ignorant Idea’: She Wants To Give GI Bill Benefits To…

Opinion| Mark Sidney| We are starting to see what happens when you hand everything to a generation and hold them accountable for nothing.

Apparently, enough Americans have raised spoiled brats who seem to fail to grasp the concept that actions have consequences, the basic notion of incentives, personal responsibility, the fact that stealing is wrong (even when the government does it) and most of life’s other lessons. It makes me wonder if they ever heard ‘life’s not fair’ like we did, every single day, growing up.

This is exactly what we get for handing every kid a participation trophy and treating success and victory as if it is something dirty or evil, while pretending that being a victim is a virtue, and that one’s skin color, sexual orientation or ‘gender identity’ makes someone special … it doesn’t, we are all the same.

Looking at Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar, I cringe to think that the next set of ‘leaders’ of tomorrow are going to be similar in their economic ignorance, arrogance, lack of self awareness, distain for all that America stands for … you get the idea.


As if Ilhan Omar has not pissed off enough members of our armed services by deriding our armed forces to laughing and making jokes at a presser while US troop casualties are discussed, she is back at it again.

This time she is trivializing the sacrifice and contracts that some of our soldiers have made with our government to be paid, in part, through the GI Bill.


The Western Journal explains:

‘Under the GI Bill, taxpayers pony up higher education costs for those who’ve served in the military because the country has benefited from that service (and thanks to a bill signed by President Donald Trump in 2017, there’s no longer a 15-year window that limits when those benefits can be used). Veterans, in turn, have paid for the money they can get for college through their service to the country.’


The Western Journal also reported:

‘Rep. Ilhan Omar apparently loves the money for college that comes with the GI Bill. She just doesn’t think military service should have to earn it.

In the left’s latest stab at infuriating sensible Americans, the Minnesota radical took to Twitter last week to publicize an article written by a Marine veteran-turned-Democratic-strategist who called for free college education for all and canceling all student-loan debt.

She got plenty of responses, and many weren’t the welcoming kind.’



To be fair, Omar wasn’t just shooting her own mouth off (as she often does). She was opening her social media platform to an Alternet article by Will Fischer, a Marine veteran of the Iraq war who now runs the Democrat-friendly consulting firm Port Side Strategies in Washington.

(“Port” is nautical speak for “left.” Get it?)’

Ilhan Tweeted out the piece, in which Fischer wrote : “Imagine what it would do for our country and those who live here if we were to take the ethos behind the original G.I. Bill and apply it to everybody — canceling all student debt and making public colleges, universities, and vocational schools tuition-free,”

The author of the article did not just call for ‘free college’ for everyone (whatever that means seeing as TINSTAAFL … or TINSTAAFC[ollege]), he also tries to claim that the GI Bill, which offered college tuition in exchange for military service, was, wait for it … ‘immoral’.

“This argument offers not only a false choice, but also an immoral one—suggesting that individuals should have to choose between having an opportunity for a future by participating in never-ending U.S. wars or not having such an opportunity; making one choose to either put on a uniform or take on crushing debt,” he wrote. “Nonsense.”


Sooooo, while I agree about the never ending wars that I do not think we should be wasting my children’s lives or future incomes on, the idea that we compensate soldiers for their service has nothing to do with the corrupt leadership who send our boys to die so that their backers to get rich.

Beyond that, the GI Bill is not free, in fact it is the furtherest thing from free, trying to obtain it can cost you everything, including your life.

With the Democrats seemingly choosing ‘free everything for everyone!’ as their new, unabashedly communist cult style platfrom, those of us who actually work for a living, who get up everyday and struggle to provide for our families, often just scraping by are getting fed the **** up!

Citizens and military members responded to Omar’s disgracefully ignorant and disgusting pandering to the lazy masses who think they are going to get Uncle Sam to stick a gun in the face of you and me (the ones who produce stuff) and steal the money they need for whatever it is they choose, in epic fashion:



I’m a veteran. When I was active duty, I contributed to my GI Bill. It wasn’t free.

— TruthSeeker313⭐⭐⭐ (@TruthFreedom17) February 8, 2020



Thankfully there are still some sane people out there. However, with the educational system as compromised as it is by radical leftists, I really do not know how much longer we can hold the line before we are overrun by people with the government’s gun in one hand, and the other hand out stretched demanding the product of our labor.


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