Ilhan Omar Blames “Trifecta Of Hate” And Trump For Reason Her And Other Muslims Are Getting Threats But She Couldn’t Be More Wrong

By Duncan Smith

Rep. Ilhan Omar is blaming President Donald Trump for what she claims is a rise in death threats against her and fellow Muslims, part of a “trifecta of hate.”

“Obviously, because we have a xenophobic in office, someone who is extremely anti-Muslim, someone who announced his campaign and said he was going to ban Muslims from this country, who has succeeded with that,” Omar was allowed to say, unchallenged Saturday on MSNBC.

“With anti-Muslim rhetoric … anti-black rhetoric … are dealing with the trifecta of that hate. And it’s just really, completely devastating because we are a country that is beautifully diverse that has come a long way to create a place of acceptance and inclusion,” she added.


The freshman Democrat from Minnesota regularly accuses the president and his supporters of being racist bigots but never offers any evidence to substantiate her claims. In fact, you could make a good case that in complaining about “hate,” she acts like a consummate hater.

In any event, Omar, in an interview with another race-baiter, Al Sharpton (who used to love Donald Trump when he was a billionaire real estate developer donating to Sharpton’s causes), one of the first two Muslim women in Congress, was commenting on the candidacy of Amani al Khatahtbeh, another Muslim who is running for Congress in New Jersey.

She claimed this week that she, too, is getting “death threats.”

“This isn’t my first death threat, and I hesitated to share it, but it’s necessary to see the common experience of Muslims & minorities when hate is normalized by political leaders,” she said. “This is what it feels like.”

Omar complained about them to Sharpton.


“To serve our country and deal with this kind of hate really it sets, I think, the wrong tone and sends a message that our country isn’t as inclusive, as welcoming as we could like it to be,” Omar said. “And so, I work really hard to try to make sure that we are leading with compassion.”

Right. Compassion for Iran. And terrorists. And ISIS volunteers.

And as for trying to be ‘welcoming,’ Omar must have forgotten that time when she urged fellow Muslims to “raise hell” and “make people uncomfortable.”

Omar is a lot of things, but a uniter, she isn’t. You can’t call people bigots and racists for no reason and expect to be considered a healer.


This article originally appeared at The National Sentinel and was republished with permission.

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