Breaking: Huge Cheering Crowd of Supporters Welcome Trump to Maine

By: 100 Percent FED Up

President Trump arrived in Guilford, Maine today to a huge crowd of supporters waving signs and cheering him on.

The president is in Guilford to visit a medical swab manufacturer.

The video below shows enthusiastic supporters who were out to greet the president. Protesters were few during his visit to Puritan Medical products in Guilford. This is Trump country.



This woman is excited at the possibility of meeting the president:





Today has been a great day for the Trump administration and America.

The “Return to Greatness” is happening after the pandemic caused millions of job losses.

The May jobs report came out today, exceeding expectations in a stunning reversal.

The predicted unemployment rate was supposed to be 19.5% but is at 13.3%. That’s still a very high number, but it’s so much better than predicted.

There was a gain of 2.5 million jobs. This number was also unexpected in the May jobs report.

President Trump and his economic team took a well-deserved victory lap today in a Rose Garden press conference:


He ripped the Democrats on their economic policy:



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