Gowdy And Chaffetz Team Up And EXPOSE The ‘Mainstream’ Media’s Double Standards Live On National T.V.

Gowdy, Chaffetz Blast ‘Mainstream’ Media Over Double Standards In Covering Dem-Controlled House: ‘Where Was The Outrage When Obama Refused To Provide Info?’


By: Dino Porrazzo at Right Wing Tribune

Former GOP Rep. Trey Gowdy took aim at the Washington media establishment Friday evening during an appearance on Fox News with fellow former GOP congressman Jason Chaffetz, blasting them for their refusal to hold Democrats to the same standards as Republicans when they are in control.


What made the exchange noteworthy is that both of them gave some very good ‘insider’ perspectives on their experiences with the so-called “mainstream media” during their time in Congress. It’s eye-opening in that they talked from personal experience and were not just pulling opinions out of thin air to reveal that, yes, there is a distinct difference in the way their party is covered as compared to Democrats, whom most Washington reporters obviously favor.

As an example, Gowdy pointed to a hearing last week held by House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) featuring Watergate-era figure John Dean, a convicted felon, as a ‘star witness’ in a hearing many called a ‘trial run’ for impeaching POTUS Donald Trump, though he’s not been implicated in any criminal activity — despite what the Washington media reports.

“John Dean is not a fact witness,” the former South Carolina Republican told Chaffetz, who was guest-hosting for Sean Hannity. “He’s never talked to [former White House counsel] Don McGahn, he’s never talked to President Trump, he’s never talked to [Russia dossier author] Christopher Steele.

“So you can rule out him having any facts that might benefit the American public,” Gowdy continued. “He’s not a legal expert on obstruction” of justice, which is what Democrats and their media allies are attempting to convince Americans the president is guilty of — though, again, they can’t point to a single substantial instance where the president actually obstructed…anything.


“So it begs the question, Jerry Nadler…why would you call someone who can’t help the American people on the facts or the law?” Gowdy said.

Both former Republican lawmakers then began focusing on the Washington media’s distinct differences in covering the GOP when it is in charge of Congress and Democrats — which is to say, Republicans get much more scrutiny.

“When you bring up two convicted felons — [former Trump personal attorney] Michael Cohen and John Dean as a way to propel [the obstruction narrative until the 2020 election], I don’t know how Democrats with a straight face can look into the camera and say, ‘Oh, yeah, we’re trying to get to the bottom and do the work of the American people,’” Chaffetz offered.

“I’ll tell you how,” Gowdy said. “‘Cause they’re never asked about it, Jason.”


Gowdy noted that during their time in Congress, Chaffetz was “really, really good with the media,” often stopping and talking with “print reporters” though most GOP lawmakers wouldn’t — because they knew no matter what they said it wouldn’t be presented fairly or accurately.

“I hope even you have realized now the duplicity and the relativism with which Republicans are covered versus Democrats,” Gowdy continued.

He noted further:

If you, as chairman of [the House Oversight Committee], had called someone like John Dean — who’s not a fact witness, he’s not a legal expert, [and] about the best he can give you is a day in the life of federal prison…you would have been excoriated. You don’t hear any of that about Nadler.

“The media wouldn’t even ask us those questions,” Chaffetz noted, adding that he once tried to get an IT specialist who worked with Hillary Clinton for years to come testify before his committee about comments he’d made stating he never sent or received an email from her — a reference to the FBI’s bogus, tainted ‘investigation’ of her mishandling of classified emails.

“He had an immunity agreement” with the FBI, Chaffetz said. “We asked him to come before the committee and almost no one [from the Washington media] covered the hearing because he didn’t show up. They said, ‘oh, it’s no big deal.’”

Gowdy, who was present in Congress for that escapade, countered, “Hey, how about six years’ worth of trying to get information from President Obama’s administration? I mean, where was the outrage [from the media]? Where are the PoliticoThe Hill, Washington Post articles about how outrageous it is the [Obama] Executive Branch [was] not cooperating with legitimate oversight?

“You don’t see any of it,” Gowdy noted further.


While acknowledging that members of Congress are not very trusted by most Americans, according to surveys, “folks in the media are not trusted as much as we need them to be in a robust, thriving democracy,” said Gowdy.

“At some point, they need to ask themselves why…’I wonder why we’re not trusted? I wonder why people think we’re in the tank for the Democrats?’ And I think you see a little bit of that this week.”

This is ‘insider baseball’ at its finest.




This article originally appeared at The National Sentinel and was republished with permission.

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