Just In: Gov. Ralph Northam Signs Gun Control Bill Which Includes Universal Background Checks And Gun Rationing

By Chris “Badger” Thomas at Breaking First

Governor Ralph Northam (D) signed legislation Friday creating universal background checks in Virginia and limiting law-abiding Virginians to one handgun purchase per month.


Northam’s office announced his signature on Senate Bill 70 / House Bill 2, creating the universal checks and thereby outlawing private gun sales.


He signed Senate Bill 69 / House Bill 812 resurrecting Virginia’s “one-handgun-a-month rule to help curtail stockpiling of firearms and trafficking.” Breitbart


Virginia has been on the front of anti-firearm push and abolishing the second amendment rights of the people of Virginia and now Northam is using the national emergency to cloak his agenda and pass his firearm bills.


Breitbart went on to say, He also signed other controls into law, including requirements that gun owners report stolen firearms within 48 hours of the theft or face “civil penalty.”


This puts the onus for a gun theft on the gun owner, rather than the individual who stole the firearm.


Democrats won control of Virginia’s legislature in November 2019 and, just days after their victory, Northam made clear there would be a war on guns.


The people of the United States will have to wake up to what states are doing and what rights they are stripping away all in the name of safety.


This is far from over and Northam is determined to push his agenda until he accomplishes his draconian anti-firearm laws.


The attacks on our 1st and 2nd amendments have nothing to do with stopping a pandemic and everything to do with putting the chains on everyday citizens that believe in their second amendment rights.


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Chris “Badger” Thomas is a Veteran who served our country as an Army Combat Medic.

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