Giuliani says he has found ‘smoking gun’ implicating Hunter Biden in Ukraine corruption


Presidential lawyer and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani said Saturday he has found three witnesses who are ready to testify to corruption in Ukraine linked to Hunter Biden, the son of former Vice vice president and current 2020 Democratic presidential contender Joe Biden.


In an interview on Fox News, Giuliani said the three witnesses are ready to “name names,” adding that he’s discovered “the smoking gun.”

Giuliani, who is also a former federal prosecutor, has been looking into allegations of corruption involving the Bidens and Ukrainian firms. He told Fox News host, Jesse Watters, he wants to “totally vindicate” Trump, a fellow New Yorker, after he was acquitted during the Senate’s impeachment trial last week.

“I want to prove what happened because I believe if we prove what happened, he will be totally vindicated,” Giuliani said.


Watters asked the former NYC mayor “if he had any documentation regarding Hunter Biden’s business dealings in Ukraine” before adding that Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham (R-SC) “will be investigating that,” according to Fox News.

“Lindsey, get started,” Giuliani said, laughing, then noting he had “what I used to call when I was U.S. attorney, the smoking gun.”

“We’ve got the documents, Lindsey,” Giuliani declared. “This is a money laundering transaction…. It’s about $14.6 million. It’s a notice from the Latvian government to the Ukrainian government that Hunter Biden is under investigation for corruption.”


“I’ll simplify it. $14.8 million goes from Ukraine to a company in Latvia, disguised as a loan. Then it goes from Latvia to another company disguised as another loan, in Cyprus,” Giuliani alleged.

“And then it goes to the U.S. where we lose track of it because when [former Ukraine prosecutor Viktor] Shokin gets it, just about the day he’s fired, there’s no money in here for Devon Archer and Hunter Biden. Everybody else, their money is listed,” Giuliani said.

The president’s lawyer added that he has information on former Trump 2016 campaign manager Paul Manafort, who was convicted on charges of improper lobbying activities in Ukraine by special counsel Robert Mueller.


“I could take it back to January of 2016,” Giuliani said. “A possibility the whistle-blower was there, NSC meeting – NSC, Obama, and Biden representatives tell Ukrainian officials, ‘Get me dirt on [former Trump campaign head Paul] Manafort.’ I have three witnesses there.”

Giuliani named three people — “Andrei Teleschenko, Constantine Kulyuk, Nazar Kholodnitskiy … three witnesses are willing to get on the witness stand and say that in January 2016, members of Obama’s NSC violated the law Mueller was investigating Trump for violating.”


Continuing, he said, They asked foreigners for dirty information on an American citizen who was going to be involved in a political campaign.

“There’s no doubt who was at that meeting,” Giuliani said, adding, “The ‘Manafort black book’ was intended to blow the Trump campaign up.”

This article originally appeared at USAFEATURESMEDIA and was republished with permission.

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