Feinstein In Deep After She’s Caught W/ Iranian Minister On Her Phone, Raising Countless Questions And Accusations

Kirsters Baish| ICYMI| If you’ve been paying attention to the news, you are familiar with recent issues taking place in the Persian Gulf between the United States and Iran.


Conservative Tribune reports:

Iran was likely behind the attack on four oil tankers in the Gulf last weekend, which led to the United States removing some of its diplomatic staff from Baghdad. They also sent U.S. destroyers through the Gulf in a show of force; The New York Times reports that the Iranians have unloaded missiles from several small boats in territorial waters, leading some to believe that tensions are ratcheting down. Still, the Iranians were saber-rattling as ever; Iranian state media quoted the chief of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps as saying that “Even our short-range missiles can easily reach (U.S.) warships in the Persian Gulf,” according to Reuters.


It’s clear that the situation is fairly tense, so when Politico reported, “SPOTTED: SEN. DIANNE FEINSTEIN (D-Calif.), who sits on the Senate Intelligence Committee, walking around the Capitol with her iPhone screen facing outward in full view, and Javad Zarif’s contact page on the screen. Zarif is the name of Iran’s foreign minister,” it was a big red flag.

Why, during a crisis like this one, would the head of the Senate Intelligence Committee be talking to Iran’s foreign minister?

Fox News host Mark Levin stated during his radio show on Thursday, “He’s the foreign minister to an enemy state that seeks to attack American military personnel in the Middle East, that seeks to put nuclear warheads on ICBMs so they can reach the United States. It is a terrorist regime, an Islamo-Nazi regime in Tehran, that has killed Americans, that funds Hezbollah to kill Americans, that funds Hamas to kill, and is a threat to our national security, obviously.”

“What in the hell is the ranking Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee doing talking on an iPhone around the Capitol to Javad Zarif?”


Feinstein issued a statement pushing Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to speak with Jarif, “In the last few days, the United States has moved additional military forces to the region and has signaled a willingness to reposition tens of thousands more. Iran-backed Houthis have claimed credit for a recent attack against Saudi Arabia’s oil infrastructure. And suspicions behind who attacked oil tankers moving through the Straits of Hormuz have fallen on Tehran.”

“War isn’t necessary to solve a problem when both sides want a solution. I urge Secretary Pompeo to reach out to Foreign Minister Javad Zarif, who I know doesn’t want to see a conflict with the United States. We should do everything possible to prevent an unnecessary war, beginning with immediately reopening diplomatic channels and toning down the rhetoric.”

“What is it with these Democrats fronting for this Islamo-Nazi regime that wants to kill Americans and Jews in Israel? You’ve got Frankenfeinstein, you’ve got … John Kerry — or the real Frankenstein — giving aid and comfort to the enemy!” Levin stated. “It’s not enough that they released $150 billion to this regime; now they’re giving it advice, against the president of the United States. You want to talk about the Logan Act? You want to talk about collusion?”


Levin went on, “So now she’s a mouthpiece for the enemy. A mouthpiece for the enemy. She sits on the Senate Intelligence Committee. For years, she had a driver who was a communist spy for Red China. Her husband has done business — a lot of business — with Communist China. They’ve made a lot of money doing business with Communist China. … Anybody going to subpoena her about her phone call? Anybody going to subpoena her about her driver? Anybody going to subpoena her husband about his business dealings with Red China?

“Of course not,” he declared. “It all goes one way. Anybody going to subpoena her and question her about her contacts with the foreign minister of Iran and any other contacts she may have had, undermining this administration? Can you imagine? It’d be like WWII: You have FDR, and then you have senators contacting the Third Reich!”


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