FEC Filing Reveals Mike Bloomberg’s Incredible Shame, Turns Out He Blew Almost $1 Billion To Get His *** Kicked by Professional Politicians But He Refuses to Go Away… Why?

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Lawrence David| OPINION| Mini Mike Bloomberg finally found something he couldn’t buy…


(New York Post) Mike Bloomberg pumped nearly $1 billion into his failed presidential bid — almost double what was previously reported, according to a new Federal Election Commis­sion filing.


The total cost of the Big Apple billionaire’s short-lived and self-funded 102-day campaign was $935,360,675.56 — or nearly $10 million a day, the filing made public on Friday shows.

There was no way the professional politicians that comprise the Democrat Party – the extortionists, compromise agents, and pay-for-play class – were going to let an outsider horn in on their criminal enterprise.



The troubling aspect of all this is that the little troll refuses to go away.

…The news of Bloomberg’s billion-dollar investment — previous estimates put his mammoth ad buys and staffing expenditures at over $500 million — came on the same day he said he would transfer $18 million to the Democratic National Committee to help Democrats win up and down the ballot in November, specifically targeting President Trump.


Bloomberg 2020 will also transfer several former field offices to state parties and help speed the hiring pace for top positions in organizing, data, and operations across battleground states, the campaign said in a statement.

The media mogul would have been unable to give such a large sum of money to the DNC as a regular donor, but presidential candidates are able to transfer unlimited amounts of campaign cash to their national committee.


Why would Democrats accept any help from Bloomberg considering his history of misogyny? And, why would Bloomberg want to help the same Democrats who verbally defecated on him during the debates?

Short answer, both Bloomberg and the Democrats are desperate to maintain the gravy train that exists between each of their enterprises and China… something that President Trump is focused on uncoupling.

Keep in mind that when their presumptive presidential nominee and dementia sufferer, Joe Biden was vice president the Chinese gave his son a $1.5 billion loan… in just a single instance.


It would seem fair to ask, how many other Democrats (and RINOs) were bribed to allow China to steal our corporate production facilities, our jobs, our technology, and our intellectual property, when they should have been protecting the interests of Americans?

What does this have to do with Mini Mike Bloomberg? Read on…


The former New York mayor and his company Bloomberg LP are heavily invested in China.

In 2013, The New York Times reported that Bloomberg LP was guilty of killing Bloomberg News stories that revealed alleged corruption in China directly related to Xi Jinping’s family members.


The communist Politburo had let Bloomberg know that stories of corrupt practices by high-level leadership could result in the termination of their business relationships.

Fearing that Bloomberg LP would be kicked out of China, the billionaire oligarch ordered reporters to cease investigating Chinese corruption. Several reporters and editors resigned in protest while the former mayor continued making billions of dollars.


Bloomberg doesn’t plan on spending upwards of $2 Billion by the time the election rolls around because of some sense of ideological purity. He amassed a net worth in excess of $60 Billion by making smart investment decisions.

In Bloomberg’s calculus, serving as China’s mouthpiece as part of the American media, is worth far more than $2 Billion. Especially by comparison to the investment the Chinese communists made in the former vice president’s drug-addled son.



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