Fake “Patriot Front” Group Shows Up In Chicago…Cover License Plates With Tape…Gets The Boot When They Try To March With Right to Life Group [VIDEO]

By Patty McMurray at 100 Percent FED Up


Poll numbers for “81 million votes” Biden are in the toilet.

Kamala’s inner circle has abandoned her faster than rats jumping from a sinking ship.

Americans no longer trust our intelligence agencies, especially after the January 6th incident where people like former Oath Keepers AZ Chapter President Ray Epps, who spent two days calling on Trump supporters to join him at the Capitol instead of at the Elipse, briefly appeared on the FBI’s Most Wanted list only to disappear once a sufficient number of primarily Trump-supporting Americans were arrested for their role in an armless “insurrection.”


So when a group of masked men, who no one has ever heard of, headed to Washington DC. on December 4 2021, and marched to the Lincoln Memorial, and then almost as quickly as they came, marched back to the UHaul trucks that brought them to the event, people on social media began to question if they were posers?

The Left immediately made-up stories about the group and their ties to “right-wing” extremists and “white supremacy.”

The only problem is…no one on the right has ever heard of these guys. Conservatives, however, seem to think they have a pretty good idea about where this new group came from.

This tweet about the “Patriot Front” group being FBI agents won the day:


Conservative comedian Tim Young hilariously asked if today’s “Patriot Front” parade is the FBI spending their end of year ‘use it or lose it’ budget?

Election Wizard with over 245K followers mocked the group, suggesting the feds could have tried to be a little more original with the name of their group.

Popular conservative “Suburban Black Man” had this to say about the group Wikipedia calls a “white supremacy” group:

Much like illegal aliens who are trying not to be noticed, the mystery group traveled to and from DC inside the trailers of several UHaul trucks.

Here, the group of masked men can be seen almost running away from their final destination, the Lincoln Memorial:

Conservatives who spend most of their lives reporting about political news or activities have never heard of the “Patriot Front” group.

McKayla J, who has over 102K followers on Twitter, tweeted a warning about a false flag: I’m in a lot of Political circles, and I’ve NEVER heard of this “Patriot Front” event, wanna know why? Because this isn’t our event, this is an FBI, Antifa orchestrated red flag event to create a distraction. Be vigilant, stay focused

Kyle Becker, with over 213K followers on Twitter, had this to say about the group marching in DC:

Pro-Tip: The whole point of a False Flag operation is that it’s not immediately clear who is responsible. If you are forming a “front group” of “Patriots” (the preferred term for smearing actual patriots), the name shouldn’t be an obvious one. Say, “Patriot Front,” for example.

Conservative Dan Bostic wrote:

No one at any level of conservative grassroots or high-level politics has heard of “Patriot Front,” Another group that shows up with sketchy events promoted by law enforcement with no connections in conservative circles but extensive pre-arranged media coverage.

And finally, conservative Vince Langman tweeted:

How many FBI agents did it take to come up with the top-secret, false flag name Patriot Front?

The following morning, AZ Senator Wendy Rogers tweeted:

The fake group called the Patriot Front that marched on DC with US flags and shields with masks on are Feds. Probably the same Feds who were at the J6 event checking their watches.

This afternoon, after a two month public hiatus, the Khaki clad, masked men wearing what looks like intelligence agency issued jackets showed up in Chicago where they attempted to join a Right-to-Life march.

It didn’t go very well for the bizarre new group of “patriots”…

The March for Life in Chicago drew a crowd of over 1K who marched their way through the Loop.

The poser “Patriot” group tried to join them:

The “Patriot Front” group didn’t get the warm welcome they hoped for. Several of the men participating in the march called them out and tried to push them back away from the legit group of mostly young adults marching for life.

“Hijacking a pro-life movement—who the heck do you guys think you are?” one of the men can be heard yelling at the group.

After being kicked out of the march, the masked, Khaki-clad boys with shields, carrying upside-down American flags, headed back to their vehicles:

On the way back to their vehicles, this young hero lets them have a piece of his mind. As they approached the Field Museum, he yelled at them, “All good Americans will stand up against this bullshit!” In the comment section below the video, people were calling the brave young man who followed them and shouted them down, a “hero!”

Finally, the group of posers reaches a caravan of vehicles that pull up with tape covering the license plates to load up the members along with their shields and flags.

The bizarre group of men finally leaves Chicago.

Hopefully, this is the last time this group of men who literally no one takes seriously, bothers to march in public again:


This article originally appeared at 100 Percent FED Up and was republished with permission.

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