Duke Economist Proposes Slavery Reparations Of Up To $12 Trillion To “Close The Black-White Wealth Gap”

Opinion| Leisa Audette at 100 Percent FED Up

Joe Biden is all for slavery reparations (see below), so this is a fair warning on the off-the-chart boondoggle that would be put in place if he is elected.


A Duke University economist co-authored a paper with his wife calling for slavery reparations of up to $12 trillion.


William Darity Jr and wife Kristen Muller made a proposal calling for slavery reparations arguing that this is the amount needed to close the black/white wealth gap.


Darity has been studying reparations for slavery for much of his career.


He believes that money is the only way to provide closure to the history of slavery.


The couple proposes $10 to $12 trillion in payments to black descendants of slaves.


The Duke University professor and wife wrote the report for the Roosevelt Institute, claiming that the federal government owes ‘systemic reparations’ to any descendent of slaves.


Darity came up with the amount of $800.000 per black household to eliminate the black/white disparity.


The Daily Mail reports that Presidential candidate Joe Biden has voiced support for reparations.


During a town hall with the NAACP in June, Biden had this to say about reparations:

“If, in fact, there are ways to get direct payments for reparations, I want to see it. But why are we waiting around for the study?

We can deal with this stuff.”


Democrats are split on reparations, but Republicans are overwhelmingly against them.


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