DS Using NYTimes To Twist Durham Investigation And Who They Say He’s Targeting Is BIG

Another planted story aimed at discrediting the Durham probe must mean he’s getting closer to the truth

By Jon Dougherty

(TNS) More evidence that U.S. Attorney John Durham’s criminal investigation into the origins of the “Spygate” ‘Russian collusion’ hoax is making some people very nervous was evident Friday in a story published by The New York Times that was obviously planted by the deep state.


The crux of the planted Times story was evident in the first paragraph: To discredit Durham’s findings as nothing more than a Trump-inspired partisan witch-hunt against the god-king Barack Obama.

The lede:

Trump administration officials investigating the government’s response to Russia’s election interference in 2016 appear to be hunting for a basis to accuse Obama-era intelligence officials of hiding evidence or manipulating analysis about Moscow’s covert operation, according to people familiar with aspects of the inquiry.

Translation: ‘The bad orange man, who’s been lying all along about Russian collusion, wants his Justice Department to provide him with manufactured evidence he can use to pin the story on his predecessor.’


The Times continues:

Since his election, President Trump has attacked the intelligence agencies that concluded that Russia secretly tried to help him win, fostering a narrative that they sought to delegitimize his victory. He has long promoted the investigation by John H. Durham, the prosecutor examining their actions, as a potential pathway to proving that a deep-state cabal conspired against him.

Questions asked by Mr. Durham, who was assigned by Attorney General William P. Barr to scrutinize the early actions of law enforcement and intelligence officials struggling to understand the scope of Russia’s scheme, suggest that Mr. Durham may have come to view with suspicion several clashes between analysts at different intelligence agencies over who could see each other’s highly sensitive secrets, the people said.


Mr. Durham appears to be pursuing a theory that the C.I.A., under its former director John O. Brennan, had a preconceived notion about Russia or was trying to get to a particular result — and was nefariously trying to keep other agencies from seeing the full picture lest they interfere with that goal, the people said.

Translation No. 2: This planted story is an attempt to convince Americans that Trump is doing what he is accusing Obama of doing — because Durham is obviously getting closer to the truth:


But officials from the F.B.I. and the National Security Agency have told Mr. Durham and his investigators that such an interpretation is wrong and based on a misunderstanding of how the intelligence community functions, the people said. National security officials are typically cautious about sharing their most delicate information, like source identities, even with other agencies inside the executive branch.

Of course ‘officials’ would say that Durham’s hunch is ‘wrong.’

Mr. Durham’s questioning is certain to add to accusations that Mr. Trump is using the Justice Department to go after his perceived enemies, like Mr. Brennan, who has been an outspoken critic of the president. Mr. Barr, who is overseeing the investigation, has come under attack in recent days over senior Justice Department officials’ intervention to lighten a prison sentencing recommendation by lower-level prosecutors for Mr. Trump’s longtime friend Roger J. Stone Jr.


And there you have it: This is all just an act of revenge by President Trump. There’s really nothing to his allegations, and there never has been. This Durham probe is the president going on a ‘witch hunt.’ Spygate was all on the level, you see, and anyway, Russia, Russia, Russia.

We get these planted stories in wholly compromised outlets like the Times, CNN, and the Washington Post generally when officials are getting close to findings or actions that will be injurious or criminally actionable against deep state actors who are not so much loyal to Obama as they are opponents of a president — Trump — whom they see as an interloping fool challenging their supremacy.

We already know that Durham’s probe has turned into a criminal investigation, meaning at some point last fall, he found evidence suggesting that lawbreaking occurred at some level, and directly in regards to the government’s counterintelligence probe into Trump’s 2016 campaign.


We already know that there were serial (criminal) abuses of the FISA court.

And in January, as we reported, we discovered that Durham’s investigation had widened to include examination of a trove of “post-election documents.” Specifically:

From her new perch at CBS News, ace national security and investigative reporter Cathrine Herridge reported late last week that Durham, appointed directly by Attorney General William Barr, was onto a “strong paper trail” of documents that surfaced in the first several months following the president’s inauguration in January of 2017.

As reported by fellow ace investigative correspondent Sara A. Carter, “The documents, which are being kept close hold, were hinted at by Attorney General William Barr in an interview he did with NBC in December and reported on by CBS News Friday.”


Carter notes that the documents “span a time period from January 2017 until May 2017, just before the appointment of Special Counsel Robert Mueller.”

Now, suddenly, a ‘story’ in the Times claiming that Durham’s probe has turned into an excuse to falsely accuse Obama-era intelligence officials of improperly targeting the Trump campaign.

Coincidence? There is no such thing in Washington.

This article originally appeared at The National Sentinel and was republished with permission.

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