Dems Attempt To Politicize Covid-19 Backfires Spectacularly In Their Faces As Bombshell New Poll Is Devastating For Dems

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OPINION| LAWRENCE DAVID| How frustrating must it be for the talking head globalists that populate America’s newsrooms? Every time they think they finally have the issue they can exploit to inflict political damage on President Trump, his approval rating improves.

The global pandemic that was launched in Wuhan, China was certain to be Trump’s Achilles heel because it wrecked his shining achievement… the soaring American economy.


Along with the 24-hour propaganda from the globalist protectors in the media, they would make sure Americans turned on the president.

Not so quick!

An Axios-Harris poll conducted in two waves, the first between March 14-15 and the second between March 17-18, finds the public largely approves of President Trump’s handling of the pandemic that originated in China…


The president’s overall approval rating has increased to 53% as opposed to 43% who disapprove.

President Trump got even more credit from the poll’s respondents for his handling of the China virus getting a 5% bump to 56% between wave 1 and wave 2.

An ancillary bump in his approval came from a public that has their eyes wide open about the threat of past immigration policies as they are now confronted with the health risks those policies pose.


Even more frustrating for the highly compensated corporate media propagandists is that despite their best (worst) efforts even Democrats are beginning to ask what more could the president be expected to do?

Democrats’ overall approval of the president’s handling of the China virus has increased by 15%, to 30%, between wave 1 and wave 2 of the poll. While 69 percent of Democrats still disapprove, that’s a 17% jump from the 86% it was just one week ago.


In fact, President Trump has gained praise from some unlikely sources, as the Marxist narrative engineers have begun to realize the futility of continuing to bash him without offering any solutions of their own.

CNN’s Dana Bash, NY Governor Andrew Cuomo and Democratic Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar all praised Trump… incredible…



Trump’s Leadership is exactly what America needs right now.


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