Democrats Fearful Of Deplorables Nationwide Playing A Significant Role In The Re-Election Of President Trump

United Deplorables Of America * Exclusive

By Denise Noele:

We’re just Old School Deplorables.

Our foundation was built on a strong work-ethic, integrity, decency and fairness. We take pride in being responsible, independent and accountable for our own actions. We fiercely protect our family and our country. We’re not looking for anything to be given to us, as we understand the value of something when we’ve worked for it.


We choose a President most capable of tackling the top priorities of the World Superpower. The big-ticket items; the most well-equipped and strongest military and law enforcement, the tightest border security, a booming economy, business, job and wage growth, low taxes, safe infrastructure and accessible, safe healthcare.


Common sense and common courtesy are going the way of the dinosaur for about half of society. Rules to live by that we all grew up with are close behind.  How can the importance of “don’t lie, cheat or steal and treat others the way you’d like to be treated” fade away with time? Although we have no say-so over how some of you choose to live your life, your selfish actions are wearing thin with us and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to offer smiles and kindness when it’s seldom returned.


We choose a President that gives each and every legal citizen a safe and equal playing field to make our own American dream a reality. No special treatment, bending of the rules, cutting the line for anyone – after all, we learned this lesson as a child. The test is the same for everyone and the harder you work, the greater your success.

There’s something special about the American work ethic – the up early, news on, fresh coffee made, eye on the clock to walk out of the house on time routine. We see the same neighbors drive past and wave on their way to work. Like clockwork.  Monday through Friday. We smile and wave back.  Yeah, we’re still here…the folk who were raised knowing that showing up early is on time, on time is late and late is unacceptable…yeah, we’re not going anywhere.


Whether our days of rest are spent holding a fishing pole, a gardening shovel or a Bible, we enjoy every moment. We never lose sight of the fact that the simplest things in life are often the most important. We never take for granted that we live in the greatest country in the world and our freedom has been protected by the bravest men and women that have ever walked on this earth.
Gather up the troops Ladies and Gentleman. We have a rough ride ahead, but good always prevails. Together, we will proudly march forward to defend our conservative values by voting President Donald J. Trump into office again, to Keep America Great.



Denise Noele @ Breaking First

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