Dan Crenshaw On Texas Turning Purple: Young People Are ‘Susceptible’ To Dems BS Message Of ‘Everything Is Free’

Democrats know if they can ever manage to flip Texas or even put it in play, they’ll ‘own’ the presidency

By: Jon Dougherty

(TNS) Texas GOP Rep. Dan Crenshaw joined Fox News’ Jeanne Pirro on Saturday to discuss the narrowing gap between President Trump and his two most likely Democratic opponents in November in what used to be a solid red state.


Pirro noted that, according to recent polling in the state, Trump is ahead of both Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders by 2.6 percent and 2.4 percent, respectively. She also noted that the gaps are far less pronounced than they were between Trump and Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Is Texas turning purple, Pirro wanted to know.

Crenshaw said that we can’t ignore the data, adding that he speaks to a lot of young people; our kids tend to vote for Democrats because, let’s face it, their BS message of ‘everything is free’ is intoxicating.

“Kids are susceptible to the Democratic message. It’s about revolution, it’s about feeling good, it’s about giving you stuff. And it’s up to us to explain to our students and to our youth what that really means, what those false promises really are,” he said.


On Saturday, Commie Bernie tweeted out a message of ‘revolution’ to young people, saying “this is your election.”

“What I had to point out was, ‘you know the Democrats’ plan is to actually increase senior citizen benefits and to tax young people to pay for it,’” Crenshaw noted. “‘These are totally unsustainable policies and they’re making our social security system go broke.’ We have to point these kinds of facts out to them.”

Pirro noted that employment for young people is up (as it is with virtually every other demographic), but still they are seduced by dead-end socialism.

“It’s mind-blowing,” Crenshaw said, adding:


Unemployment is down across all categories, there’s a plethora of jobs out there, there’s a huge amount of opportunity. Young people fundamentally want a gig economy where you can choose to sell your own labor and your own time.

What do Democrats do? They attack the gig economy. One of the recent bills that they’ve passed would all but destroy the ability to independently contract and sell your labor and time as you want to do.


I don’t think young people understand what these Democrat policies actually are because, again, they’re susceptible to this romantic language of revolution and socialism and everybody living together and looking out for one another. And of course, we should look out for one another, but we have to do so at the community level.

You can’t pretend that you’re more moral because you ask the government to do something that you yourself are not willing to do. That’s basically what socialism is.


Another tactic: Crenshaw says it is important to point out to Millennials that life (for them) is better today than it was four years ago:

Biden has to make a very difficult argument that we should go back in time to four years ago into the Obama presidency when we were on the slowest recovery that we’ve ever had after a recession. And here’s an important statistic that we need to point out. The CBO estimated that we would have five million less jobs than we do, back in September 2016.

So, what does that mean? It means that the baseline of job growth was way lower under the Obama presidency.


That’s all true. Telling struggling families and single Millennials they’ll struggle permanently under socialism is a winner.

Still, Democrats know if they can ever manage to flip Texas or even put it in play, they’ll ‘own’ the presidency for the foreseeable future.


This article originally appeared at The National Sentinel and was republished with permission.

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