Court Implicates HRC In Plot To Sabotage Trump Campaign, Rules That It Was Her Campaign Who Paid For Steele’s Sham Dossier…

Opinion| ICYMI| Remember back to the third 2016 presidential debate when Hillary Clinton seemed to accuse Vladimir Putin of favoring then-candidate Donald Trump by directing a surveillance campaign against the DNC and then passing hacked emails along to WikiLeaks who made them public?

Now listen closely. In my opinion Hillary’s words were carefully delivered to create the impression among viewers that Russian operatives were behind the hacked emails when no actual evidence actually existed of that.



Hillary Clinton: The Russian government has engaged in espionage against American, against American websites, American accounts of private people, of institutions. Then they have given that information to Wikileaks for the purpose of putting it on the internet…

That’s a general statement that probably can’t be refuted, but it’s true of our own government as well… the only difference is instead of disseminating the damning information on the internet our intelligence agencies use the legacy media… The Washington Post and the NY Times are two favorites.


Then more generalities from Madame Clinton, “It’s pretty clear that Russians have engaged in cyber attacks against the United States of America…

“that’s because, he’d [Putin] rather have a puppet [Trump] at this stage.”

The thin reed Clinton’s allegations were reliant upon collapsed when the president of Crowdstrike, the DNC contractor paid to prove Russia was responsible for exfiltrating the hacked emails (yeah, the FBI took the word of DNC paid agents rather than doing their own forensic analysis), admitted under oath -three years later – that it had found no evidence that Russia exfiltrated any emails from the DNC server.



That fact didn’t deter the FBI, the DOJ, and a special counsel, from embarking on an evidence-free, three-year witch hunt against our president, aided by the Obama administration’s head of the CIA, John Brennan, and DNI, James Clapper among many other high-ranking officials aligned with the former president.

Now, British Justice Warby has further exposed the FBI’s malfeasance on behalf of Hillary’s effort to steal the presidency when he entered a 52-page ruling:


In his ruling, Justice Warby found that Hillary Clinton was Christopher Steele’s ultimate client after the entire operation was laundered through the law firm Perkins Coie.

Conclusion… The corruption of the Obama administration was so pervasive that even three years after a bogus report (the Steele Dossier) was paid for and promoted by a losing presidential candidate, it still served as the predicate for an FBI, populated by Obama holdovers, to attempt to drive a duly-elected president from office.


Here comes the counterpunches … and when they land, it’s going to be EPIC.


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