WATCH: Costco Employee Takes Customer’s Cart For Not Wearing A Mask And The Video Goes Viral

By: 100 Percent FED Up

Costco has a new rule that requires shoppers to wear a mask, but not all customers are game to wear a face covering. A video has gone viral of a Las Vegas Costco employee who refused to let a man enter the store without a mask on. The employee took the man’s cart.

There have been violent confrontations recently involving maskless people and those who demand that people wear a mask. A Waffle House customer allegedly attacked and then shot a cook who told him to put a face covering on or he wouldn’t be served … and the man’s now facing an attempted murder charge.

As if Americans needed another thing to divide them, this is becoming a tense subject with strong opinions.


Check out the video from TMZ, where a Costco manager kicks out a guy who was walking up to the registers without any face covering.



Another video from Twitter – the left is applauding the employee who grabs the cart and says the customer isn’t welcome in the store anymore:



The woman below was also upset that she couldn’t shop without wearing a mask at Costco. She’s been shamed by social media users for not wanting to wear a mask:


The overwhelming consensus from the left is to demand that everyone wears a mask. Do you wear a mask when you go to a store?


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