Chelsea Clinton Tries To Lecture President Trump On Coronavirus… Gets Humiliated

From: Mark Sidney at Illicit Info OPINION Blog

OPINION| Generally I am of the mind that the children of politicians should be exempt from criticism and ridicule just because their parents are running for, or holding public office.

However, there are a few exceptions.

One, if the kids are, or appear to be, their parents ‘rat hole’ and part of a scheme to funnel money to the family in shady business dealings, ie, Hunter Biden.


Two, the children choose to engage in the public square by attacking the political foes of their parents. In doing so, they become fair targets for their political adversaries. We can count both Donald Trump Jr and Chelsea Clinton in this category.

Chelsea, who’s main accomplishment in life (as far as I can tell) was being born a member of the Clinton crime family, has done quite well for herself.

The Hill reported on just how well Chelsea has done being the daughter of the Clintons:

‘Chelsea Clinton has reaped $9 million in compensation since 2011 for serving on the board of an internet investment company, according to Barron’s, the financial publication.


She reported owning $8.95 million worth of IAC stock to the Securities and Exchange Commission at the end of December.

Barron’s notes that IAC’s stock has risen 89 percent, 50 percent and 36 percent in 2017, 2018 and 2019, respectively, a far steeper rise than the broader stock market.’

It sure sounds like this was a profitable deal for all involved. Now, all we can do is speculate, but I am going to go out on a limb here and suggest that IAC did not just hand Chelsea $9 million in stock, she must have been adding some sort of ‘value.’ After all, their stock is soaring through the roof. Now, I wonder what that value could have been … her parents’ political influence? It sounds plausible, does it not?


The Hill goes on to explain:

‘She earned an annual salary of $600,000 working as a special correspondent for NBC News in 2013 and part of 2014.

Clinton was named to the board of Expedia Group in March of 2017, a position that typically earned $250,000 in 2015, according to a report at the time by The Guardian.


Both IAC and Expedia are controlled by Barry Diller, the business and television mogul, who is a friend of Hillary Clinton.’

Imagine that.

Anyway, Chelsea decided to attack President Trump on Twitter over his handling of the Coronavirus. I’m still wondering Chelsea is an expert on outbreaks …



Trump supporters were quick to put Chelsea in check:


Doug Ross pointed out what is perhaps the largest flaw in her false bravado:



Here’s another one … but the Tweet that won the internet is next:


Behold, the #1 reply on the interwebs:



Burn! Perhaps Chelsea will think twice before throwing stones from her glass mansion again …


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