Candace Owens Reacts To The LASD Ambush And Drops The Hammer “BLM, Media, Athletes, Entertainers to Blame”

By: Chris “Badger” Thomas at Breaking First


Conservative firebrand and BLEXIT founder Candace Owens reacted to the ambush of two Los Angeles sheriff’s deputies on Saturday by proclaiming that Black Lives Matter (BLM), the media, athletes, and the entertainment industry are to blame.


“Why else does this happen? Because when pea-brained athletes put the name of an alleged RAPIST on their helmets and jerseys, criminals begin believing they are acting as heroes,” Owens tweeted Sunday, reacting to a video of the ambush posted by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (LASD), Breitbart reports.


Candace Owens hammered out the blunt truth on a burning issue going on in our nation right now.


For far too long society has been addicted to what athletes and Hollywood say and do.  Not to mention the dismantling of our political system by corruption and greed.


“The racist, anti-police, black lives matter LIE is to blame,” Owens affirmed. “LeBron can you help us?” chanted sign-wielding protesters into megaphones on Saturday night as they blocked at least two NBA charter buses from entering the Walt Disney World campus, Breitbart reported.




There are far too many athletes in every sport in our nation to list that support Black Lives Matter and the riots and looting that are going on every single day.


One would think that parents need to start educating our children on fact vs. fiction and start to become more pro-active in ensuring the truth of the chaos of our nation is taught.


It is clear that this goes far beyond just education and that as our school systems are literally indoctrinating our children, the global company that is, Black Lives Matter, needs to be investigated by the DOJ.


Chris “Badger” Thomas is a Veteran who served our country as an Army Combat Medic.

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