Canada’s PM Justin Trudeau and Family Go Into Hiding For “security reasons” One Day After Calling Massive #TruckersForFreedom Rally, Tens of Thousands of PEACEFUL Protesters Fed Up With Gov Mandates “Small fringe minority” [VIDEO]

By Patty McMurray at 100 Percent FED Up


The world has been glued to the massive TruckersForFreedom rally, as a reported 50K trucks along with tens of thousands of Canadians have made their way to Canada’s Capital, Ottawa, Ontario, to protest government vaccine and COVID related mandates.



Many are calling the peaceful protest a “revolution” and are hoping it spreads worldwide.



Since the outset of the convoy, the Truckers have made clear that their goal is not to fight back against CCP virus vaccinations but to stand up against the government mandating its citizens accept the jab as a condition to live freely in Canada. ⬇️



A Canadian trucker shared a powerful statement yesterday to explain that they are not protesting vaccines; they are protesting mandates for vaccines, calling it discrimination to treat citizens differently because of their vaccine status. The trucker also clarifies that they will NOT block emergency vehicles and will offer help or assistance to anyone along the way.



After two days of traveling, truckers have now converged on the city. It should be noted that truckers are leaving intersections open for citizens and emergency vehicles to travel unimpeded by their massive convoy.



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Yesterday, only one day before the convoy was set to reach Ottowa, Canada’s feckless, triple-vaxxed leader, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, announced that he would be self-isolating after allegedly being exposed to COVID. Trudeau came out of hiding just long enough to mock the truckers responsible for keeping Canada’s economy moving, as well as the massive number of Canadian and worldwide supporters, referring to them as a “small fringe group.”

“The small fringe minority of people who are on their way to Ottawa, who are holding unacceptable views that they are expressing, do not represent the views of Canadians,” Trudeau said.

Now, as the PEACEFUL PROTEST has arrived in Ottowa, it’s being reported that PM Trudeau and his family have been moved to an undisclosed location for “security reasons.”


Adrian Wyld/The Canadian Press


The CBC, who attempted to twist the massive, peaceful protest into something ugly, reported on Trudeau and his family, who they claim are in hiding. In their article about Trudeau in hiding, they cite a single incident that involved one Canadian Armed Forced member who crashed the gates protecting Trudeau and his family in 2020 as evidence that things could turn violent.

This BS narrative, is, of course, the same tired narrative our dishonest media uses to demonize citizens fighting for freedom and paint them as “dangerous,” or a “threat to democracy.” Do the smiling kids in the photo above, walking through the center of the truckers who are lined up for the protest, look like they pose a threat to Justin Trudeau or his family?


CBC reports – Trudeau, family moved for security reasons

Trudeau and his family are no longer at their home, Rideau Cottage, which is on the property of the Governor General’s residence in the New Edinburgh neighborhood of Ottawa — roughly four kilometers from the epicenter of the protest.

The Prime Minister’s Office said it could not comment on Trudeau’s whereabouts for security reasons. His itinerary, which normally lists the city where he’s staying, said only that he’s in the “national capital region.”

Trudeau is currently in isolation because he was a close contact to one of his children who recently tested positive for COVID-19.

The decision to move Trudeau and his family follows the Rideau Hall gate-crashing attack in 2020. A Canadian Armed Forces member carrying a firearm rammed his vehicle into the gates protecting the property in an attempt to reach Trudeau.


In their article, the CBC warns that law enforcement is prepared to shut down the protest at any time. They use inflammatory language, comparing the peaceful protesters, saying Ottowa’s Public Safety Minister is warning of “signs of ‘flagrant extremism’ among some protesters, including the equating of vaccine mandates to the fascist regime of Nazi Germany and inciting people to overthrow the government through violence.”

That is “not about freedom. And it’s certainly not about truckers,” he told guest host Nil Köksal on CBC’s Power & Politics.

The Ottawa Police Service said it will be augmented with officers from Toronto, London, York, and Durham regions, as well as the Ontario Provincial Police.


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