Opinion| Say What? California Gov. Newsom Just ADMITTED He Could Have Ended The State’s Homeless Problem Years Ago

Californians must demand to know why Newsom hasn’t done this already

By: Jon Dougherty

(TNS) This Coronavirus, this COVID-19 thing. Man, is it revealing a lot about our society.


Some of it isn’t so good. We’ve seen (mostly) Democratic governors and mayors unleash their natural authoritarian tendencies, ordering businesses shuttered over a couple dozen (or less) cases of the virus in their states and cities.


We’ve seen some of these Democrats — long-time vociferous critics of President Trump – actually praise him for his responses to the outbreak.


And we’ve seen one governor, Gavin Newsom of California, make a stunning admission about how could have dealt with his state’s massive and growing homeless problem a long time ago.


During a Q & A session with reporters regarding the state’s response to the outbreak, Newsom noted that people 65 and older should stay home while, naturally, he was ordering bars, wineries, and breweries to be closed.



“We’re working in real-time to secure hotels, motels, and trailers to house our homeless safely and protect our communities and the spread of #COVIDー19,” he tweeted.


Oh, really? That’s good though, right? Because Fox News’ Tucker Carlson has noted recently the state’s homeless population is a huge outbreak waiting to happen.


During his Sunday news presser, Newsom was then asked what would happen if the people in homeless encampments did not want to be put in a motel or hotel and if he would consider forcing them to go


His response: “All of these things are hypotheticals and we’ll meet the moment. And we have the capacity to encourage people off the streets. We have existing rules and regulations.”


Oh, really? Well then, Gov. Newsom, why haven’t you been using them to clean up your cities and streets? Why have you allowed residents of your state to endure the stench, the filth, the rise in crime, the Calcutta-like conditions, and the return of Medieval diseases?


Just in December, Newsom was blaming the federal government — President Donald Trump, really — for his state’s homeless problem, after the president threatened to take care of the problem for him if he didn’t.




The Daily Wire noted:

California Governor Gavin Newsom says that California’s failure to curb rising homelessness in cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco is the fault of President Donald Trump and the Trump Administration, not a stalemate in the California legislature or failed progressive efforts to curb the rise of tent cities and transient populations.


Speaking in Sacramento, California, last week, Newsom claimed that Trump is deliberately withholding “key information” that California needs in order to properly address the homelessness problem, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.


“California is making historic investments now to help our communities fight homelessness,” Newsom said. “But we have work to do and we need the federal government to do its part.”


That coronavirus. It’s just proven that Gavin Newsom has been full of you-know-what for a long, long time regarding his failure to deal with homelessness and the conditions it has created in his cities.


Now, the question Californians ought to be asking is: Why?


This article originally appeared at The National Sentinel and was republished with permission.

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